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    Create a photography business checklist to help start your dream business


    Copyright 2006 Vision Business Concepts Inc If you’ve been thinking of starting your own business for some time now, the easiest way to get started is to begin with a photography business checklist. This list will provide you with the details of what it takes to get started, and give you a something that makes the tasks seem more doable. So, if you’re ready to move forward in photography, where do you start? What are the most important steps to consider when starting a photography business? 1. Start by defining the type of photography you choose to offer your clients. Everyone has a different reason for becoming involved in photography. Some love working with babies and children. Some prefer working on location with families and pets. Some love commercial work, and making products come alive. Some find passion in creating wedding photography. While many photographers choose multiple specialties, keep in mind that any one of these can make a lucrative career. The more passion you have in your chosen line of photography, the easier it is to promote your work, and get known within your specialty. 2. Establish your business identity. Once you decide on your specialty, use that specialty to identify your name and your brand. While some photography studios are named after the business owner, others use a more generic name. A name is a personal choice. But above all, make sure your name speaks to your desired clientele. 3. Decide what resources you need for your business. Do you need a commercial location for a studio? Will you work out of your home? What type of camera equipment will you need? While a start-up business shouldn’t invest in extravagant equipment, you should purchase enough equipment to sufficiently do your job, and to have backup equipment available at all sessions. 4. Decide what vendors you will be using for your business. A photography studio needs a variety of services, including a professional photography lab, album companies, framing companies, office supplies, and production supplies. An easy way to find many of these vendors is to attend a photography expo. There are many local, regional, national and international expos available to the professional photographer, including Professional Photographers of America, and Wedding & Portrait Photographers International. And sign up for newsletters at places like VirtualPhotographyStudio to stay on top of some of the newest and most exciting trends. 5. Join professional organizations to network with like-minded individuals. There are a variety of professional photographer organizations. It’s also important to join organizations in your community, such as entrepreneur groups, networking groups, and chamber of commerce’s. All can provide you with invaluable resources. 6. Market your business to prospective clients. Every business needs customers to survive. Top priority for any new business is to bring in new clients not only to establish yourself as a business, but also to begin making a profit for your business. 7. Add your own goals to your photography business checklist. Provide specific goals that will help you realize your dream. Add things like ‘quit full time job in October’ to help motivate you to take action on your ideas.

    Online Create a photography business checklist to help start your dream business
    Corporate flight attendant resource guide


    : So, you have decided to enter the exclusive field of business flying. Congratulations! Before you go further, have you done all the research that you can to find out all the details that you need to know about this exciting field? Some people say that business aviation is a mystery compared to working for the airlines and, in many ways, they are correct. To take the mystery out of everything, this handy little guide will help point you in the right direction. FAA -- All that you need to know about the regulatory side of business aviation can be found on the FAA’s web site. The FAA, or Federal Aviation Administration, is the U. S. government agency tasked with overseeing much of what goes on in business aviation. FARs, or Federal Aviation Regulations, are set up to establish what can and cannot go on in business aviation. As a corporate flight attendant, FAR Part 91 and FAR Part 135 will be of the most interest to you. Visit faa. gov for all the details.

    NBAA -- The NBAA or National Business Aviation Association is the premier voice for business aviation. The NBAA has several over site committees in place which are tasked with guiding companies and personnel. The NBAA’s Flight Attendant Committee is an important voice for business flight attendants. Please visit nbaa.

    org for more information. Corporate Flight Attendant Community -- Established in 2002, the Corporate Flight Attendant Community is an independent resource center for private flight attendants. The community pulls together articles, links, training sources, food and wine information, and much more into one centralized area.

    The community also includes a resume posting service, forums, and catering information. Visit corporateflyer. net for more information.

    Cabin Manager -- As part of the Corporate Flight Attendant Community, Cabin Managers is a top performing forum for members of the business aviation community. General Discussion, Stress and Health, Inflight Services, Just For Newbies, and Safety and Security, are some of the chief subforums on this site. Visit cabinmanagers for more information; read, start or respond to a thread for direct contact with members of the community.

    Corporate Jet Catering -- Another subsection to the Corporate Flight Attendant Community is this site particular site which features in-flight caterers from around the world. Visitors to the site list comments about catering experiences and share recommendations and tips. Articles related to food and wine service are also included. Women in Corporate Aviation -- An offshoot of the Women in Aviation International group, Women in Corporate Aviation was established in 1993 to promote networking and mentoring opportunities for women in business aviation.

    Lastly, there are several business aviation training companies that have been established to help corporate flight attendants to further their careers. For a list of some of the top companies out there, please visit corporateflyer. net/IndustryLinks. html for all the details.

    Business aviation is a rewarding field…getting established takes a lot of pluck and determination and not everyone has what it takes. How about you?

    Online Corporate flight attendant resource guide
    Bargain hunting for women s plus size apparel


    If finding women’s plus size apparel is difficult, then finding clothing in large sizes at bargain prices is an even greater challenge. To get the best deals on plus size clothes, consider shopping online, at local stores, and through mail-order catalogs. The following are eight strategies for saving money: - Look for a sale, clearance, or outlet section on the website of your favorite retailer. Occasionally, you can save up to 80% off original prices this way. If your retailer is owned by a parent company, also check the parent company’s website for a clearance or outlet section. - Comparison shop for similar items at different websites. If you plan to wear an item only a few times or occasionally, perhaps you can purchase a similar but cheaper item. - Always use a search engine to look for a coupon code your retailer may have. Many websites actually track these coupon codes along with expiration dates to help shoppers save. When filling out your order form online or in a catalog, look for an entry for “coupon code” or “promo code” and then enter a coupon code that applies. If ordering online, be sure to verify that you have received the discount for entering the coupon code. - Go to the website of your favorite plus size retailer and sign up to receive e-mail specials. In addition, if the sign-up form offers a print catalog, request the catalog also. By signing up, you will receive notifications through e-mails and catalogs of any specials the retailer may be having. Note that you should sign up only with retailers that really interest you or your mailbox may become crammed with excessive e-mails. - Buy clothing out-of-season or pre-season. Many retailers will offer steep discounts on out-of-season items. - Buy machine-washable clothes. The cost of having to dry clean an item will make that item expensive in the long run. If you are not sure whether an item is machine-washable, be sure to ask the retailer before you buy. - Visit local stores that carry plus size clothing and browse through their clearance racks. Some local retailers try to quickly rid their racks of excessive inventory to make room for the latest fashion. - Purchase items that coordinate well with what you already have in your wardrobe in terms of styling and color. Using the above strategies will help you save on plus size clothing. Dressing well should not have to be an expensive endeavor for the full-figured woman.

    Online Bargain hunting for women s plus size apparel
    Hard disk failure and data recovery


    Hard Disk: An Introduction Hard disk is a non-volatile data storage device that stores electronic data on a magnetic surface layered onto hard disk platters. Word Hard is use to differentiate it from a soft, or floppy disk. Hard disks hold more data and can store from 10 to more than 100 gigabytes, whereas most floppies have a maximum storage capacity of 1.4 megabytes and in addition are faster too. Normally term hard disk is much familiar with computers only but it is widely used as network attached storage for large volume storage. Furthermore, appliance of hard disk drives spread out to video recorders, audio players, digital organizers, digital cameras, and even in latest cellular telephones. Reynold Johnson invented the first hard disk in 1955 for IBM 305 computer with fifty 24 inch platters and total capacity of five million characters, and in 1956 - first commercial hard disk was launched with 5 megabyte capacity, the IBM 350 RAMAC disk drive. Within time frame of 50 years and rapid progress in technical enhancement, we have now reached to latest 2006 - First 750 GB hard drive from (Seagate) and First 200 GB 2.5" Hard Drive utilizing Perpendicular recording (Toshiba). Heart of hard disk consists of four basic components: The Platters: Platters are the actual disks inside the drive that store the magnetized data. Conventional platters are made of a light aluminum alloy and coated with magnetize-able material but latest technology uses glass or ceramic platters as they are thinner and also heat resisting. Most drives have at least two platters and the larger the storage capacity of the drive, the more platters there are. The Spindle Motor: Hard disk drive consists of a spindle on which the platters spin at a constant RPM. Moving along and between the platters on a common arm are read-write heads. The platters in a drive are divided by disk spacers and are clamped to a revolving spindle that turns all the platters in a uniform motion. The spindle motor is built right into the spindle and rotates the platters at a constant set rate ranging from 3,600 to 7,200 RPM. The Read/Write Heads: Read/write heads read and write data to the platters, and each head is fixed to a single actuator shaft so that all the heads move in harmony. Typically, only one of the heads is active at a time either reading or writing data. When not in use, the heads are inactive, but when in motion the spinning of the platters generate air pressure that lifts the heads off the platters. The space between the platter and the head is so minute that even one dust particle or a fingerprint could disable the spin. When the platters cease spinning the heads come to rest, at a preset position on the heads, called the landing zone. The Head Actuator: All the heads are attached to a single head actuator arm, which moves the heads around the platters. The Actuator arm moves the heads on an arc across the platters as they spin, allowing each head to access almost the entire surface of the platter. Contemporary hard drives use a voice coil actuator, which controls the movement of a coil toward or away from a permanent magnet based on the amount of current flowing through it. Fundamental structures of all hard disk are same, and are composed of the same physical features, but their performance depends on the quality of their inner components. Hard Disk Failure: Hard Disk Failure occurs when a hard disk drive malfunctions and the accumulate data cannot be accessed. It may happen in the course of normal operation due to an internal or external factor. Disk failure varies and the most common is “Head Crash” where the internal read and write head of a device touches a platter or magnetic storage surface often grinding away the magnetic surface. Head hover just micrometers from the platters plane which makes such collision a common one. This sort of crash usually invites severe data loss and unprofessional data recovery attempts results further damage to the remaining data. Hard drive also includes other controller electronics i. e., semiconductors, valves or electronic circuits, and major components such as Platters, Spindle Motor and Head Actuator. Failure of any these devices may cause a hard disk failure. Factors causes disk failure are numerous, yet most common are power surges, voltage fluctuations, electronic malfunction, physical shock, wear and tear, corrosion, exposure to high magnetic waves, sharp impact, high temperature exposure etc. The phenomena of hard disk failure is raising higher and higher; as to increase the read and write speed, today we have latest hard disk rotating amazingly faster and this immense revolving speed generates massive centrifugal force, a single adverse cause in the course of normal operation can cause severe hard disk failure. Hard Disk Data Recovery: Hard disk data recovery is the process of recovering the trapped data from the damage hard disk device, when it can not be accessed in normal circumstance. Several Techniques are used to retrieving data from damaged hard disk and techniques vary accordingly. It can be done by moving disk drive to a working CPU, or may have to open the disk drive and replace parts such as read/write heads, arms and chips and sometime the platters have to be removed and placed into another drive. Physical damage can not be repaired by the general users, as it requires clean and dust free lab environment, in addition proper hardware and technical expertise; where under microscopic examination with proper tool and techniques, the damage drive is put on to observation for data salvaging. In case of worse happening, do consult Data Recovery Service for saving your important data trapped within the damage device.

    Online Hard disk failure and data recovery
    Top 5 fly fishing vacation destinations


    Fly fishing is one of the most popular forms of angling on the planet. It is far superior in the way of skills that are required and that means that you will be having a grand time no matter what. A fly fishing vacation is not for everyone. There is something special about this type of thing that not everyone will enjoy. Fly fishing requires so much more that many people do not find it enjoyable to say the least. That is why there are not a lot of top locations that are specific to fly fishing but there are some and that means a lot of action for the few that will make the trip. Madison Valley River provides a great place for a fly fishing vacation. There are several cabins that are allocated only for the fly fishing parties that come in. The fishing is well above the bar. The trout come running down the river at certain times of the year and you can catch your limit within a few hours time. Yellowstone River makes the best of a fly fishing vacation. This area is one of the best when it comes to fly fishing and people from all over the world fly in for that reason. There is only walking or boating access to the fly fishing vacation areas so that means that you can have a quiet and exciting vacation without all the hassles of the more crowded areas. South Fork Snake River is a wonderful spot for the fly fishing vacation that you are planning. The main problem is the fact that so many know about it and it can be hard for you to get a spot. The reservations are taken a year ahead of time and they are limited to one week of fishing. This is not a problem because there is some serious action in this area and catching your limit is more than easy. Henry’s Lake provides all the best in fly fishing action. The fish are large in this area so prepare for a fight when one is hooked. There is more than enough room to stay and you can have a cabin for up to one month. Be careful though as the license costs are on the rise in this state. Big Hole lake is probably one of the largest areas to take a fly fishing vacation. There is enough room for a large amount of people and that means that it can get a bit crowded if you go at the wrong time of the year. Early spring is best and offers some great action.

    Online Top 5 fly fishing vacation destinations
    Big december wins continue at cyberslotz


    : The list of big winners in December continues to grow at the CyberSlotz online casino, according to the gaming group's latest data release. On the December 21st, Patricia C staked only Ј4 on a game of Swamp Rat and came away with more than Ј8,000 as an early Christmas present. Fellow Swamp Rat player Jonathan M also cashed in before the festive season began, turning his Ј1 stake into Ј1,371 and collecting another Ј200 win with a separate bet of only Ј4. Meanwhile, a host of players won hundreds of pounds with free bets, including Roxana T, who scooped more than Ј1,100 after trying her luck free-of-charge at Jewel Jackpot on December 28th. Furthermore, a number of other CyberSlotz favourites, including Race For Riches, Hot Slots and Mayan Treasure, also paid out sums in excess of Ј500 for individual wins over the course of the past week. There was also an extra helping of Christmas cheer for Sunset Dreams player Stella L, who managed a Ј400 win with a free bet on December 25th.

    Online Big december wins continue at cyberslotz
    Figure out the pebble in your shoe


    "By asking for the impossible, we obtain the best possible." ~ Italian saying If you are serious about achieving a more meaningful life then you'll need a new perspective for viewing your life and your career. The following exercise is a new method for going through your day and your week. It’s a new sense of being alive being responsible, being at choice, and being the architect in your life. Tomorrow, you'll be totally conscious about everything you do, see, say, feel, smell, taste, and who you are being. Use your notebook, journal or computer file to capture notes, thoughts, and insights. Exercise: A Totally Conscious Day Notice everything! Write down your observations using 1-2 words or several sentences. There is no wrong or right way to do it. As soon as you wake up, notice the first thoughts that enter your mind. Write them down. Go into the bathroom. Look into the mirror. Look into your eyes. Really look! Smile. Spend a minute looking into your eyes. Smile goodbye. Write down feelings or thoughts you experienced. As you get ready for work, notice everything the rhythm of brushing your teeth, brushing your hair, the motion your arm makes as you stroke on your makeup, etc. Write down any thoughts or describe any pictures that come to mind. On your way to work, notice your surroundings. What are the buildings like? What does your route to work smell like? Can you smell the restaurants, factories, etc? Do you smell trees in bloom? As you get closer to work, what sensations do you notice in your body? Write down every observation. When the day is over, spend a few quiet minutes in bed reading your notes. Do you remember things you didn't capture before? Write them down in a different color pen than your notes from earlier in the day. Finally, spend five minutes writing your impressions of what you captured and what you experienced being totally conscious. This exercise provides a lot of perspective and insight, but you have to actually DO it not just read the directions and say, "That sounds like a great idea. I’ll try it later." It’s really important to "get clear." This first step is critical to your success. If you make the decision to become conscious to become completely aware of what is really going on you become aware of what it is that you really want. We often become excited after participating in a workshop, attending a seminar or reading a book. We think, "Oh, this is it. This is the thing that’s going to change my life." However, we don't make the decision to start, to take action. Or we may think that by simply reading a book, it will somehow magically change our lives: "The information is going to float over me and my life is going to be different." When the pebble in our shoe bugs us enough, we pick up a book or attend a seminar. We briefly take off our shoe. We enjoy the comfort of the idea of not traveling with the pebble in our shoe anymore. When the seminar or book is finished, we put our shoe back on over the pebble. Then we start our journey again. We feel a little lighter and more enthusiastic, because of encountering new material. So the pebble is barely noticeable. However, we never made a decision a conscious choice to remove the pebble or get shoes that keep the pebble from falling back in again. We never really get started. Whether you know what you want to do or no longer want that quiet, nag pebble in your shoe the realization that you need to make a change and take action is a great place to be. When you make the decision to move forward, it’s truly a momentous occasion. Today, you are finally awake.

    Online Figure out the pebble in your shoe
    The hallmark of performance anxiety


    Not everyone can comfortably speak or perform in front of a lot of people. Some may find it quite a frightening experience that they want to avoid at all costs. Performance anxiety, also known as a stage fright, is characterized by an intense anxiety and paranoia that occurs before, during, and after a performance. Performance anxiety affects even the most seasoned professional speaker or performer. You can just imagine what goes on inside a person's head prior and during a job interview, a public speaking engagement, a class or job presentation, a musical performance, or any situation or activity that would put you in front of an audience. While some people have the ability and presence of mind to remain cool and composed, most of us are geniuses as far as coming up with all the negative thoughts that may happen before and/or during a performance. This debilitating fear may depend on the context of the performance. A presenter's level of anxiety may vary with respect to the size and status of the audience, the novelty of the situation, whether it is an individual performance, or as part of the group, the cultural context of the situation, and on the importance of the evaluation. The larger the number of people watching you, the more nervous you may become. A person may be less nervous speaking or performing in front of a group of students than a gathering of important officials. In the same way, during interviews, the interviewee tend to get more nervous with the general manager than the secretary. Speaking in front of a small church congregation you belong may not elicit an intense anxiety as in a business conference presentation. It is important to distinguish at least three major ways in which people can experience performance anxiety since each may actually require different types of “remedies.” 1.Commonly experienced by most people is an intense, but transient anxious, fluttery sensations, that typically precede a performance, but disappear shortly after the performance begins. Indicates a readiness to perform; and becomes a source of energy that improves the performance. 2.“Reactive anxiety” occurs as a result of insufficient preparation, lack of performance skills or experience on the part of the presenter. Usually best resolved through practice, preparation, and the repeated exposure to the experience of public speaking/performance. 3.The hallmark of performance anxiety is usually associated with signs of physical and emotional discomfort such as sweating, shaking, voice quivering, rapid heart beating, feelings of fear, and panic. These intense sensations come in waves before and during a performance, subsiding, but reappearing again, being appraised as debilitating to the speaker or performer. A common thread that usually runs through these experiences is a fear of negative evaluation by the speaker. What causes the speaker’s anxiety is the belief that he or she is being negatively evaluated. To help control the anxiety this belief must be altered. Typically this is done by asking the performer to: Accept the fear Focus and relate to the audience Identify and challenge your fearful thoughts Remember to breathe Be passionate about your topic/performance and share it with others Be clear that your talk/performance matters to you You may discover that fear still remains, but you notice that you can handle it, as you are beginning to get the sense of enjoyment from your performance and from connecting with others.

    Online The hallmark of performance anxiety
    Fast cash payday loans quick help made available easily


    For the needs that arise suddenly for people, there may be hardly any way out if they have exhausted their salary. Some sort of external help may then become inevitable for them so it is better that they take up the correct opportunity right on time. To get money quickly, they can take up Fast Cash Payday Loans easily. Borrowers will find getting these loans approved very easy for them if the eligibility criteria are fulfilled by them. The borrowers should be adult citizens of the UK to get money through these loans. Also, a regular employment since the last 6months and a regular place of residence since the last 3 months is also important for getting approval. A current bank account which is at least 6 months old should also exist in the borrower’s name. The approved money which lies in the range of

    Online Fast cash payday loans quick help made available easily
    Internet marketing vs network marketing


    Which one do you want to venture into? Internet business? Or, network marketing business? In my opinion, you have to find out what you really want (money, good contact, getting new knowledge etc.). Then learn and investigate. Yes, you might fail in either one of both - be it in network marketing or internet marketing. But sometimes, you don't really fail but you're actually progressing towards your goals. Let me give you an analogy. You build a website and do lots of traffic generations, and you are spending your hard-earned money for two months now. Results - no sale. No income. Then you quit, put down your website and look for other avenues of income. What you didn't know was... If you keep doing what you've been doing, you will make your first sale on the third month, fourth month and so on. You will be generating income from your internet business. But, this all will never happen if your story was written only until month 2. You might think that this story is fictitious and yeah, a story to make you feel good but nothing more than that, but what if I said that this actually happened to me? To tell you the truth, it really did happen to me and I hope it can be an inspiration to anyone reading this article too. I made my first sale only after three months on the internet and by that time, I have spent lots of money powering up the business. But, it all is worth it now - knowing that I've got more than I invested before. Back to internet marketing vs. network marketing... My take is... find a way to do both. I got a chance to read an ebook by Daegan Smith ( NetMLMProfit ) and I believe it will be a good start to know more about doing network marketing on the internet. Daegan talks about lead generation from the Internet and building an effective website to drive quality prospects to your network marketing program. All of this can be setup once and can passively attract prospects over and over again. For some of you, these are not something new but it works for him and it will definitely work for you too. If you study carefully, there are many other internet marketers joining or considering to join an internet based network marketing program. I know that they already make lots of money from their internet business, but why are they still looking into network marketing? Probably it's not money they are looking for. Probably it's because of the value in the network marketing program itself. Probably because they are having fun just to be around successful people in another business field. Whatever it is, you can have both internet and network marketing as your income generator. In summary, I hope you'll consider internet marketing and network marketing at the same time. Entrepreneurs are always open for new ideas and new business ventures. Find out what you really want.

    Online Internet marketing vs network marketing
    Where to find fountain making materials


    For those of you with a creative spirit, you may be wondering where you can buy the materials to create a fountain of your very own. Most people do not really know where to begin so the following are a few tips on where you can find common water fountain making materials. Reservoirs Any kind of tub or giant container would be appropriate to store the water for your fountain. Just make sure that if you are using the tub for an indoor fountain that it is watertight to avoid leaks. For antique tubs (metal or stone) perusing farms and flea markets are good ideas. Ceramic or glass bowls are readily available at your local garden centers or home supply store. Import stores are sure to offer exotic ceramic and glass bowls from abroad. Aside from ceramic or glass bowls, these same stores offer wonderful concrete or metal planters and concrete tubs. If resin is more of your fancy, you will find Polyester resin bowls at craft stores and florist shops. The most flexible find are wooden troughs. Aside from the fact that you can visit a farm or garden center to buy one, you can also make your own. Just purchase wooden planks and create the shape container you want. All you need are nails and a hammer. Just make sure to line the wooden trough with a plastic liner such as those suitable for ponds. Fountain System Supplies There are an array of fountain supplies you will need to create a successful running system. The most important part of the fountain is of course the pump. Without the water pump the water would remain lifeless and even stagnate. Make sure you buy a pump appropriate in size to properly circulate the water for your fountain size. Pond supply companies are perfect for not only supplying pumps but also basic filters and biofilter attachments. To carry the water through the fountain system, you will need copper tubing (rigid or soft). If you need tools to work the copper the following three should suffice: soldering tools, flux and solder. In lieu of copper tubing you can opt to use vinyl tubing. All of these materials can be easily found at your local garden center or home supply store. Preventing Leaks Obviously you want to be prepared to prevent as well as fix any leaks that your water fountain might have. Epoxy and silicone caulk are common “quick fix” materials for sealing and waterproofing. Epoxy putty is an easy-to-use miracle worker as you just put a dab of it on a leak to seal the hole or crack. You will also want to keep grout on hand especially if you have a fountain made of ceramic tile or mosaic pieces. Grout is used as filler between tiles/pieces. Polyester resin is also used as a waterproofing sealer. All these materials can also be found at home and building supply stores as well as marine supply companies. The best thing to do if you need some personal water fountain building advice is to visit your local home building supply store. They usually have knowledgeable staff on hand to guide you step-by-step on the materials you need. Just be prepared to explain the exact type of water fountain you desire as well as where you intend on placing it (indoor or outdoor). These home building stores usually carry every component you will need to put your creative juices to work.

    Online Where to find fountain making materials
    Fishy salespeople how to finally stop handing out free fish to your sales people


    Do you remember the good ole days when sales managers used to just sit back and wait for their salespeople to come into their offices and ask for help? Maybe they needed the old veteran to come in and nail down the close. Well, we all know you just can't do that any more. Sure, that would put a few more sales in the win column (in the short term). But in the long term what are you creating? Nothing but needy, dependent salespeople without an ounce of personal selling confidence. Showing your people HOW to prospect, HOW to set appointments and HOW to close sales makes your job easier and everybody's paycheck fatter. If that's the kind of vision you have for your sales team, then it's time to close down the all-you-can-eat fish-fry and open up the all-you-can-catch fishing school. Wouldn't that be nice? You bet it would. AND profitable, too. And so we've come to the reason for this article. You see, Self-Sustaining Salespeople are not found; they are developed. Sure, it still takes a certain style of person to succeed in this business, but once you find them, everything else can (and should) be taught. And it's all been broken down into an easy to follow step-by-step system. But before we teach our future sales stars the secrets to prospecting and closing, we have to help them. HOW? We show them how to make the shift from just hitting their revenue goals to (with our inspiration) becoming Self-Sustained Business Professionals. Did you notice I used the phrase "business" professional, not just "sales" professional? That's because to be a superstar in sales, you have possess the proper insight and mindset about business. That means having a keen insight into the details of your own business cycle, from pre-contact to revenue receipt, as well as an understanding of your prospect's world, and how it relates to their business objectives and what is important to them. Not you, but to them. You must understand how your prospects measure success. Let me put that another way: Sales Superstars must understand the business they are in. They must respect the business the prospect is in and they must recognize what the prospect values in that business. To do that, Sales Professionals MUST become Business Professionals. I've interviewed hundreds of sales people for every type of position. I found it funny that most candidates were quick to put down a "higher" level of achievement on their resume compared to their peers and the quota objective from prior sales positions. However, when I asked them what their system and process are to achieve such "superior" results, most (amazingly) could not explain their results from a "business" level. So, how do you do it? Inspire self-sustain business professionals? I can tell you that just affirming the objective of executing to revenue is not enough to make it happen. Eavesdrop on any Monday morning sales meeting, and you will see that just about every Sales Manager has the same intention. They may not be "achieving" it, but is always their marching orders. What those of us in Sales management really need to do is develop a customized Masters level curriculum in "Executing to Revenue" and "Becoming a Self-Sustained Business Professional." To achieve that ideal, you need to indoctrinate every new sales employee to a system that develops a result-oriented plan, executes to proven tactics and manages the everyday conditions that tend to throw us off track. Sound good. But can it really be done? And done quickly? Well, the first step to becoming a self-sustained professional is running your business with critical metrics, processes and systems. Sounds a lot like the way an entrepreneurial business owner runs their enterprise, right? In the Business of Core Competencies, I help sales individuals and management identify their essential components, and the performance metrics necessary for successful results. We classify those metrics and discover how they are inter-related with each other and dynamic to preferred results. And by training specifically to these core competencies one at a time, we can control our destinies and routinely achieve our desired results. You see, there are basically two kinds of people when it comes to results. Those who point their index finger outward say it's not their fault things didn't turn out well. There were "conditional" reasons for their poor results. But, those who point their index finger inward evaluate what they could have done differently to avoid the negative outcome. They know the difference between factors, which they can control and conditions, which are outside of their control. They seek out and modify routines and behaviors that are within their control, to improve efficiencies in gaining the required results. So, ask yourself: Are you inspiring self-sustained professionals or management-sustained individuals? Interesting question, isn't it? Self sustained business professionals identify the essential elements and components that comprise your selling process. They realize how they affect your desired result dynamically, and make adjustments in routines and tactics to assure consistent results. No matter what month it is! Now, here's a sure-fire method to identify self-sustained business professionals in your sales organization. Evaluate the sales results for the month of December. Who was at or above quota? Realistically, December has only 13-15 selling days versus the normal 20-23 selling days in the rest of the calendar year. December brings with it holidays, personal vacations, and general mental re-grouping for the new year. For most B-to-B selling individuals, if you don't have your number by mid-month or so, you might as well forget it. But, if you understand your essential core competencies and performance metrics that lead you to desired results, you will customize a plan to achieve those results. You will start to execute to the plan prior to the holiday month, and your December revenue goal can be routinely met. And the same goes for a personal vacation month. Makes sense doesn't it? Great! So, what are you waiting for? Go inspire those Self-Sustained business professionals on your team!

    Online Fishy salespeople how to finally stop handing out free fish to your sales people
    Tips for purchasing chinese products


    As you may know, the huge Chinese manufacturing market is full of companies that offer customers with all sorts of products. But only a few of them have online stores which you can directly buy products without having to move an inch. Purchasing products online offers you many advantages. If you buy products directly from the manufacturer’s website you will save a few dollars each. Why is that? It is pretty simple. Let’s take an example of purchasing a card reader from a Chinese manufacturer. If you go to your local shop which sells this type of product you will have to pay extra for the product because you will be given not the manufacturer price instead you will have to pay for the manufacturer price + additional money the shop imposes on the buyer. Without the additional cost the shop imposes, these kinds of shops wouldn’t be existed for a day because this is the only way they make a living, the additional money you have to pay for is called “trade markup”. Purchasing a card reader right from the manufacturer will save the buyer from paying the additional sum of money that the shops impose. If you do want to purchase a product directly from the manufacturer, you have to know that reliable companies which deal with these issues have a very low shipping cost. Serious companies have a developed infrastructure of transportation so that your ordered product will arrive in time. Buying online will save you the trouble of going to every shop in town or worst in other towns to find the desired products, by clicking with mouse buttons you will order the exact product you desire, safe and fast. Just like any other regular store, the online stores are updated daily with a wide range of products, from antennas to vintage telephones. Also on online shops you can find full-detailed brochures about the products you are thinking of buying and also, a very useful thing, comments by other people who bought these products. From the reactions of other people you will find out if the company which sells the product is serious or not. These kinds of online shops are growing every day so the competition is very strong; regular customers benefit from this because the shops must put the effort in order to attract customers selling their products at low prices, promotions and other similar strategically methods. Some of the shops which sell Chinese manufactured products have a technical support team whom you can ask questions about the products to, with no extra cost. The most evolved Chinese manufacturers offer full warranty for their products and also Money Back Service. You can trust these manufacturers as they offer quality products without any hidden scams. Although many people say that Chinese products are poorly built and of average quality, it isn’t entirely true because if you know where to look for the best among the pool, you can purchase very good products at extremely low prices. All in all, purchasing online directly from Chinese manufacturers has many advantages: low costs, fast shipping, full warranty, Money Back Service, good quality products, prior purchase free customer service.

    Online Tips for purchasing chinese products
    The rias altas in spain


    The Rias Altas located in Spain are part of a group of larger formations spread within the coast of Galicia, conformed by the Rias Altas and the Rias Bajas. The Rias are estuaries origin when sea levels rise as well as they can be created by other geographical factors. The rias in Galicia where formed after he Ice Age after the sea level rose and gave shape to several indentations or estuaries throughout the coast line in this area. The Rias, in Galicia, are considered to be among the main fishing areas in the world. Due to their nature, the rias or estuaries contain very peculiar ecosystems which often contain important amount of fish. This way, it is easy to imagine the importance of the fishing industry to this region and the way it gives shape to the traditions and landscapes visitors could meet, which, most of the times, are very beautiful and picturesque. There are rias in several other regions of the world as well as near by the Galician ones in such a way that, per example, it is possible to find rias in Norway known as fjords, in Scotland known as lochs, and in Brittany known as abers. Although all of these rias have many aspects in common, they often also contain some characteristics which differentiate from each other and cause them to be unique. The Rias Altas in Galicia are conformed by a group of several rias among which we can name the Ria de Ribadeo, the Ria de Ortigueira, and the Ria de Veveiro. The Rias Altas can be found in the area which goes from La Coruсa to Ribadeo, within the northern coast of Galicia. Besides their natural beauty and the sea related landscapes this area offers, it also has several other interesting attractions. While visiting the Rias Altas, tourists could meet interesting towns, full of antique constructions and charming areas as well as many different entertainment related spots from where to choose. This way, the rias are one of the most interesting destinations tourists could find in Galicia and one of the most peculiar and picturesque ones as well.

    Online The rias altas in spain
    How to avoid these 5 car dealership scams


    When you're going in for your next car purchase keep your eyes peeled for the following scams. 1. The VIN# Window Etching Scam - Some dealers will charge you $300-$900 for window VIN# etching and tell you that you have to pay the money to get the loan because the bank insists on it. Don't go for it. Some dealers might tell you that the etching is free but will add on the etch money to your monthly payments to make up for it. Anytime a dealer says something is free, get it in writing and check your monthly fee. The best way to avoid this scam is to force the dealer to put it in writing if they say that the etching is free or simply etch the car yourself. You can get an etch-it-yourself kit from CarEtch for $30 or just don’t buy the car. Remember a lender doesn’t require that you purchase any extras on a car. All the lender cares about is that you can make your regular payments on time. 2. The Financing Scam - You trade in your old car in and the finance manager signs you up at the agreed interest rate and gives you the car. After a week or two passes and he/she calls saying that you didn’t qualify for the interest rates that they gave you when the deal was made. Every new purchase has a clause in the contract that usually states that the deal is “subject to loan approval.” This gives the finance manager an opening to get more money out of you. All that this clause means in the contract is that the deal is not finished yet even if you already have possession of the car and have signed the contract. The dealer can then charge you $1000 more in finance fees and up your monthly payments by $50. This scam is generally pulled on people with bad credit because it is more believable. You can avoid this scam by not financing the car with the dealer if you know that you have bad credit. You are better off going to a credit union and financing the car yourself. When you buy a new car the deal should be made on the price of the car, not on the monthly payments. 3. The Credit Score Scam - This is desperation in action. This is when the finance manager tells you that your credit score is lower than it really is so that they can get you for higher interest rates. This scam is pulled on everyone; good or bad credit. This scam is easy to avoid. Just get your own copy of your credit report from Equifax, and bring it with you. It's pretty hard to lie to you about your credit score if you have your own copy of it. If your paper and theirs doesn’t say the same thing, you might want to shop elsewhere because that dealership is sleazy. Don’t hesitate to let them know it too because it’ll be nice to watch them try to back out of that one. 4. The Forced Warranty Scam - This is when the finance manager tells you that you are not eligible for the loan by the bank unless you pay an extra $2000 for a 2-3 year extended warranty. It's hard to believe they even try this. Why would the bank trust you to pay a $22,000 loan for the car, but they will not trust you to pay for a $20,000 loan?? That’s just insane. You can avoid this scam by forcing them to put it in writing that you “have” to pay the extended warranty in order to get the loan. Just let them know you'd like to check with the contract your local State’s Attorney’s office for validity and they'll drop the extended warranty in a heartbeat. 5. The Dealer Preparation Scam - Unfortunately, this is legal and very much common practice. I still refer to it as a scam because it is just another way to get more money from you for nothing. The dealer will tell you that you have to pay an extra $500 to cover the labor costs of the dealership’s 5-point inspection. This alleged check up that you are paying so much money for, is for the dealership to remove plastic from the seats, vacuum the car, maybe, and make sure all of the fuses and fluids are ready to go. When factories deliver the new cars to the dealerships the cost of delivery and preparation is already covered, so basically you are paying the dealership for work that they haven’t really done. You can avoid this scam by simply asking the dealership to add an extra $500 credit to the deal to make sure you do not have to pay the money. If they refuse, the choice is yours. If you think it's fine buy the car, if not; try another dealer that will remove the dealer preparation costs. If you can avoid these 5 car dealership scams when buying your next new car, you'll be way ahead of the game.

    Online How to avoid these 5 car dealership scams
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