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    Selecting a credit card


    How many "pre-approved" credit card offers do you get in the mail in the average month that seem to shout at you to accept the offer before it expires? If you're in the market for a credit card, take some time to shop all the offers to get the best credit card available to you. First, look into the credit card terms and conditions. These are the fees associated with making purchases on the card, transferring balances to the card, taking cash withdrawals, and late fees. You can easily compare the annual percentage rate between credit card offers. The annual percentage rate is a way to measure what the credit actually costs you. Beware of variable annual percentage rates - and if you are considering credit card offers with variable APR's, find out how often the rate can be changed, how it effects the finance charges you are billed each month, and what the rate is based on. Secondly, find out whether or not the cards in question charge an annual membership fee. Annual fees can be anything from $25 to $100 a year, with some platinum credit cards charging several hundred dollars. This is a fee that you are required to pay each year just for having the card in your wallet - even if you never make a purchase or transfer a balance to the account. If you're going to pay an annual fee on a credit card, there should be rewards or low rates that make the fee worth paying. Look into the grace period of the credit card. Many cards will give you about 56 days to make payments interest free, without finance charges, just by paying your entire balance on time. Cards that do not have this free period can charge you a finance charge from the date you make a purchase on your card, or from the date each charge is posted to the account. Also consider transaction fees, and another fees associated with having the credit card. Just about every credit card will issue a fee if you take a cash advance or make your payment past the due date. Find out whether or not there is a monthly fee charged to the account when you don't make any purchases - there are some credit cards that will charge you monthly even if you haven't taken the card out of your wallet, and those are fees you can easily avoid just by selecting a credit card that doesn't have these additional fees. You'll also want to consider the reward programs offered from each credit card you are considering applying for. If you are a frequent traveler, it makes sense to look at rewards programs that earn you discounted flights, hotels, and car rentals when you purchase your travel expenses and tickets using the credit card. Over time, your purchases will result in free travel, making the credit card with the travel rewards program a great choice for the frequent traveler. A very popular form of credit card rewards program is the cash back offer. These credit cards will reward spenders with 1% to 5% cash back for all of their purchases - either credited back to the credit card or sent as a check to the card holder. This may be a good card for you if you pay your balances off each month in full - because typically a cash back card will have a higher percentage rate than cards without cash back programs. The bottom line in selecting a credit card is not to jump on the first offer that comes through the mail. You really need to spend a little time doing your homework and learning about the different credit cards available to you in order to get the best rates and best deals for your credit purchases.

    Online Selecting a credit card
    Finding hand tools for wood working


    When you mention woodworking, the first thing that often comes to mind is power tools. However, you will also need a variety of hand tools for your workshop. For the beginner, it can be confusing and difficult to decide what to buy. Building a collection can be expensive and often small tools are overlooked. There are some ways to build your collection inexpensively. Hand Tools for Shaping Wood o Clamps: you will need a variety of types and sizes. Fortunately, these are generally inexpensive. Pick them up whenever you find them on sale for a good price. Clamps are sturdy and long lasting, so it’s safe to pick these up used. o Bench chisels: you will need about a half a dozen of these in a variety of sizes from ј to one inch. o Stiff, wire brushes o Saws: you will need a back saw, tenon and dovetail saws. These get used often in woodworking. If you buy these used, check out the teeth for damage. If in good condition, pick them up used. They will need to be sharpened. o Planes are used for smoothing. Get a few different planes, at least a block plane and jointer to start with. o Scrapers are needed for a variety of projects. Look for a paint scraper and a hand scraper to get started. o Files: Get good size, sturdy files in a ten inch size. Look for smooth and bastard mill files to start with and add others later. Other Hand Tools You’ll Need o Hammer: get a good quality hammer. A 16 ounce hammer is a good, versatile hammer. o Mallet for driving chisels o Allen wrenches in a variety of sizes o Screwdrivers in Phillips and flat heads. Get a good set in several sizes of each o T bevel o Tape measure o Steel rulers o Level o Squares o Awls: marking and scratch o Pliers: channel lock and needle nose o Putty knife o Utility knife o Protractor Finding Hand Tools at a Good Price Setting up your own woodworking shop can be expensive. It is tempting to go out and buy the cheapest handtools you can find in an effort to save money. Don’t do this. Cheaply made tools won’t last long and you’ll end up having to buy them again. Get good quality tools such as Armstrong tools, Stanley tools or snap on tools. Quality is important in the long run. Used tools are a good choice, if they are in good condition. Antique hand tools and German hand tools are high quality and fairly easy to find. Hand tools tend to last longer, as there isn’t as much that can go wrong as with power tools. The quality and craftsmanship in older tools are often much better than in cheaper new tools. When you purchase used tools, inspect them carefully to be sure they are in good shape. Handtools are often sold at yard sales. You will have to visit many to find everything you need for your workshop. Check out a few each weekend while you are building your collection. Check your local paper on Friday and Saturday. Many people advertise their yard sales and often include information on the type of merchandise for sale. This can save you a lot of leg work. Flea markets are an excellent resource for finding tools. You will find more in one place than you will by travelling from yard sale to yard sale. You can often negotiate at a flea market to get a lower price. Don’t be afraid to negotiate. Many dealers set their prices a bit higher in anticipation of people haggling with them. If you pay full price in this case, you may be paying a slightly inflated price. One way to get a better deal is to shop toward the end of the day. Often, people are willing to cut the price just to get rid of the tools. Another option is to buy several tools from the same person. You may be able to get an additional discount for buying several items.

    Online Finding hand tools for wood working
    The 3 monumental mistakes you re making with resale rights and the resources to avoid them


    Monumental Mistake #1: Hugely Competitive Niche. Here’s what happens. You’re learning from the so called guru’s about internet marketing and so naturally you choose to follow what they’re doing, which is to sell to the internet marketing market. The problem with this is first of all, it’s a highly competitive market to start off your first few ventures with. It is possible to make money but you’re going up against all the top guns in marketing. Guys who have been in the trenches for years and years. Remember, when you read the sales letter from the guy telling you, ‘I was broke and and fed up, so I started a business online and made buckets of cash in my first few months’, what they’re not usually telling you is that they were in direct marketing offline for years and years before they even got on the internet. Sure maybe they were broke at one time, we all were. Bottom line is to try to find a niche outside this arena until you have some credibility built up and have had some success. A good place to start looking is within the Health and Wellness industry. People are always looking to improve their health, and whether they follow the advice or not, when they’re not feeling well, they’re in the mood to buy something quick to make themselves feel better. Also, because the baby-boomer generation is about to pop. More than 100 million consumers, plus your potential customers in North America, will be 50 and over in the next 5 years. They have and will continue to drive the market place so your best bet is to be ready for them, and what they’ll be looking for is health information. You may as well be the one to provide it right? Now, this being an article on resale rights, the best place to get focused topics on the health and wellness industry is a site called Health Info Profits. You’ll get 2 new ready made products, and sales pages monthly plus a huge amount of valuable resources to help you along. So… Resource #1 is at: HealthInfoProfits Monumental Mistake #2: Leaving the Content “as is” on your resale rights packages. There’s actually two mistakes in one here so pay attention. You definitely want to try to get Private Label Resale Rights packages so that you can change them as much as you want. Here’s why: Other people are going to buy the same packages that you are, so where does that leave you? Well, first with no credibility. You want to be able to add your own twist and voice into this thing. You want content that nobody else has. So you ask, what the heck am I paying for then. The short answer is time. You bought the research time basically for 80% of the product, now you just want to add the extra 20% flare that will make this product your very own and give much more credibility that the guy who just slaps it up there. This equals more sales for you. Bottom line. Also, the search engines are severely cracking down these days on duplicate info, and site with duplicate articles and information are dropping like flies. It may take a bit more time but it will pay off in droves in the end. Working smarter is the key. Resources for mistake number two and for finding more info to add your own touch to the resale products are actually free. They are: a) google/answers b) webmd (If you’re going to target the health and wellness market this is a priceless resource for you. Monumental Mistake #3: Not building a list around your target niche market. People think that it’s an easy sell. They now have the product in hand, they’ve sometimes got a pre-written sales page, so they set-up a Google Adwords account and drive traffic straight to the site. You may as well be an affiliate marketer if you’re going to do this. Besides that’s free. If you’re not building a list to sale to over and over again you’re throwing tons of money down the drain. In fact, a good idea is to actually not even sale the product and just give it away free to build your list. (You must check the policies of the resale rights owner before doing this). But if it’s a Private Label Rights account then that’s usually perfectly fine. If you really want to do the smart thing and build your list, but aren’t sure how to do it then go here. You’ll see the value right away and will never want to look back. Resource #3 ListandTraffic If you’re making any of these mistakes then you no longer have an excuse. You now know what you should be doing to put that extra money in your bank account. Listen, why be lazy like everyone else when you can go that extra step and make tons more money with your Resale Rights Products. It’s up to you really. I would take the extra step.

    Online The 3 monumental mistakes you re making with resale rights and the resources to avoid them
    Foods that fight health problems part ii


    - Bananas - Mother Nature’s perfect snack. No preparation, no washing or refrigeration. They are prepackaged in a biodegradable wrapper for perfect enjoyment. Since they are easily digestible, they are often served as babies’ first food. Women suffering from PMS can get a healthy serotonin rush by consuming a banana. Bananas help build a shield against heart disease. They are packed with potassium that helps fend off high blood pressure. In short, the goodness of bananas battles cancer, heart diseases, high blood pressure, kidney stones, premenstrual syndrome and strokes. - Barley – Barley with all its magic ingredients is good for heart diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Beta-glucan fiber lowers cholesterol, while tocotrienol deactivates an enzyme that tells the liver how to produce artery clogging cholesterol. Barley is a quick fix for constipation. Just 1 cup of cooked barley can provides approx 14 gms of fiber to get the bowels moving. - Basil – Originally a cooking herb, Basil has found many uses as a medicinal herb too. Basil weakens the ulcer producing activity of aspirin and alcohol, fight inflammation and swelling and battle infection causing bacteria. It also prevents colon cancer and helps build strong bones. Basil helps reduce bloating and flatulence. If you overindulged with alcohol, drink tea by steeping 2 tbsp of chopped fresh or dried basil leaves mixed in 1 cup of just boiling water for about 15 minutes. Strain and sip and feel the difference. - Beans – These luscious legumes are loaded with fiber and other nutrients to keep body running in top shape. Beans fights cancer and cholesterol. B vitamin folate reduces blood levels of amino acid involved in heart disease. People having type 2 diabetes benefit from the soluble fiber present in the beans. It slows down the passage of carbohydrates from foods into the bloodstream. Beans fight the battle of bulge as they control your appetite by taking up lots of room in your tummy. If you keep forgetting things, people, etc, boost your brainpower by eating a serving of beans few times are week. - Beef – Are you surprised to know that beef can help to fight common health problems? Loaded with disease fighting nutrients, beef if you buy lean gives no complaints. Lean beef lowers level of bad density lipoprotein and improves levels of high density lipoprotein cholesterol. Beef supplies vitamins and minerals that maybe in short supply in a diet. Selenium in beef is a powerful antioxidant that lowers the risk of skin cancer, fights heart disease and wards off infections. - Beet – Heart shaped veggies, 1 cup of fresh beets gives 1/3 of daily folate requirement. In short vitamin B that keeps homocysteine in control so that it does not trigger a heart attack. Beta – cyanin, a phytochemical that gives deep red colour is a cancer fighter. Beet juice curbs normal healthy cells from changing into cancer cells. Beets are good source of fiber for good bowel function. Beet battles cancer, diabetic and heart disease. - Bell Peppers – Ring in health benefits with bell peppers. A red bell pepper packs in twice as much vitamin C than an orange. Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant eating up free radicals that cause cell damage leading to heart disease and cancer. Vitamin C also bolsters your immune system helping to lessen the severity and duration of a cold. Lutein and zeaxanthin – two plant compounds in red bell peppers prevent age related macular degeneration (ARMD) that is responsible for sharp vision. ARMD is common cause of irreversible blindness in people. Ophthalmologists recommend intake of these compounds from foods rather than medicine or supplements.

    Online Foods that fight health problems part ii
    The quest for perfect guitar tone


    Any company dedicated to the design, production, or distribution of musical instruments knows how important the quality, feel, and sound of the particular instrument is, whether it is a guitar or drum set. Any musician dedicated to their art and craft is always looking at how to improve their musical skills and should always know how to properly care for their gear. Additionally, musicians are always learning how to best care for their instruments and on the everlasting quest for the perfect tone. Tone is the timbre and quality of sound as it is played. Guitars Many guitarists are continually concerned with tone. There are many factors to achieving the perfect tone for both the electric guitar and the acoustic guitar. First and foremost, the actual guitar will directly affect a musician’s tone. The age of the guitar, the design and shape, as well as how the guitar has been treated over time will affect the tone it emits. While it may seem obvious, many disregard the simple fact that one must respect guitars in order to maintain or achieve the best tone. In addition to the way the guitar is treated and maintained, its accessories such as picks and strings will also affect its tone. The pick a guitar player chooses will affect tone. There are a wide variety of guitar picks as far as shape and size. The thicker the pick, the thicker the tone. If the pick is thin, the tone will be brighter. Strings have a similar affect on tone. Light gauge strings will elicit different tone effects than strings with a heavy gauge. A guitarist may try hundreds of picks and strings before he or she achieves the perfect tone. One of the main accessories that will affect guitar sound is that of the amp. Guitar amplifiers directly affect the tone depending on the age and type of speaker within it. The age and design of the amplifier itself will also determine tone quality. Additionally, the connecting cables and how the amplifier is set will directly alter the tone. Orange amps are some of the most versatile and popular guitar amplifiers around.

    Online The quest for perfect guitar tone
    Three important house selling tips


    : There are hundreds of good house selling tips that can help you when the time comes to put that sign in the yard. Some are more important than others though. Here are three of the most important points.

    1. Understand Value. Your home is not worth more because you like it, and it may not even be worth more after you spend $10,000 making it the way you like it. It is worth what others will pay. One of the worst parts of a real estate agent's job is trying to explain to a nice couple that their $45,000 in kitchen improvements only added $10,000 to the value of the house.

    It is easy to see the problem with pricing too low, but making less money is a problem of pricing too high as well. You have costs that you pay while waiting to sell. Also, people are suspicious of homes that have sat unsold for a year, and less likely to make an offer even if you have finally lowered the price. The perfect buyer who would have paid the most, might have looked at the home when it was over-priced and walked away. To get the most money, price it right to begin with.

    2. Understand The Market. Who are your potential buyers? A sign in the yard wont help much if you're selling a summer home in the woods and all the buyers are in the city. Once you identify who the likely buyers are, you or your agent can decide which ways to market the property.

    Are you in a quiet neighborhood that is attracting retirees? If so, you would want to advertise the fact that your house has one level. "No stairs!" can be an important selling point to older buyers. If the neighborhood is one that is likely to attract young couples, however, it would be a waste of words. Consider your market before you try to sell.

    3. Cost-Effective Preparations. Of course you should clean the house and mow the lawn. The other things you do to get ready for the sale should be cost effective though. As a rule, you should first do those things that will give you a three-to-one return on your money.

    It isn't important (or possible) to be precise. The point is to do things that raise the value more than they cost. $1,000 to repave the driveway may increase the value of the house by $3,000, but a $50,000 pool might add only $25,000 in value. Start by replacing that dented mailbox, and work on those things that get "the most bang for the buck."

    If you have the time and motivation, you can find endless little house selling tips. That may not be a bad idea, but why not start with the important things first?

    Online Three important house selling tips
    Gift flower screensavers


    Here is a new idea. This will cost you nothing and serve the purpose wonderfully well. Let me tell you more. You gift flowers on many occasions. There is the hassle of searching for a good florist online or offline, selecting what fits in your budget and make sure that it reaches the recipient in time. The flowers will of course go stale in a day or two and will be thrown away. If the recipient is a popular figure, your bouquet will be one amongst many and will not make any impression. It is good money down the drain. How about sending Flower Screensavers as gifts? They cost nothing. The recipient will be able to keep it forever. The unique gift will be immediately noticed and will cost you nothing. This can be easily done, if you dare to experiment and have courage to break conventions that are loosing their value. You will get stunning screensavers with video shots of flowers of different types online. A good website will offer a range of about one hundred screensaver to select. Click, find out the weight of the file, and select the screensaver that looks best to you. Send more if you wish. as there is no cost, it will be double benefit. We must be to ready to use technology in unconventional ways now. If technology can be used to send millions of SMS messages to wish, why not Flower Screensaver as a gift on Birthdays, anniversaries, Promotions and other such occasions? Try them; you will get a thanks letter from the recipient.

    Online Gift flower screensavers
    Never enough time


    It's a cliche of executive life: you don't have time to do everything. Whether you use little slips of paper, a planner, scheduling software or a Palm Pilot, all attempts at time management fail. Rather than throwing in the towel, I suggest that you need a new frame of reference. Change your focus from time management to priority management. Create a list of priorities Your strategic plan should highlight your business priorities. If you don't have one, take a look at my articles on the subject. . Answer the question, "What is most important to accomplish in this time frame?" Make those priorities explicit, write them out. Keep a list prominently posted by your desk. About priorities The word priority is derived from prior, meaning before, and related to the Latin primus, meaning first. And while some things are more important than others, your list of priorities should contain all the items of first importance - Only the items critical to developing your business, and nothing else. Rethinking your to-do list If you are like most people, your to-do list is a long hodgepodge of everything you have thought to do now and in the future, ordered simply by when you thought it. Perhaps you write little letters or numbers next to each "task" and cross out what's done. Your list grows and grows - you re-write it only when it becomes unreadable. Throw it away! The List of Seven Start fresh every day. Today's list, written today for today, should contain no more than seven items. Based on your priorities, list today's most important item first, and so on. Each item on the list must advance a critical issue in your business. If it doesn't, why are you doing it? Remove it from your list. If you still think it's important, but not that important, delegate it to someone else. Planning and Reality Each day brings scheduled and ad-hoc meetings, walk-ins, sit-downs, and emergencies. Plus, you have daily rituals - answering email, your half-hour reading, or reviewing sales figures. Each meeting and each ritual should be evaluated against your highest priorities. If it doesn't address your priorities, don't do it. Don't participate. Give it up. Delegate it away. The time remaining after meetings and rituals is available for your to-do list. Don't squander it! Using the list Put your energies into doing the first task on your list until it's complete. Only then, move on to the second item. You may not complete today's list today - you may not even complete item one - but if you've spent the day advancing your highest priority, you've been productive. Tomorrow, make a fresh list on a fresh sheet of paper or its computer equivalent. Don't automatically carry anything over. This will give you a sense of completion and force you to freshly evaluate what's important. If you have multiple "highest priority" tracks to follow, break up the available time into fixed time slots, and advance several priorities at once. Evaluation and balance At the end of each week, match your accomplishments against your list of strategic priorities. Check to see that you are making progress with all your objectives - that all your priorities are moving forward. Don't let key areas in your business languish. Evaluate your progress against the list provided in New Year's Planning. There may still not be enough time for everything, but the things that are critical to your business will get done. Everything else can wait. Visit paullemberg/toolsandtips. html for a free copy of our "Priority Setting Worksheet."

    Online Never enough time
    Activities available in pigeon forge tn


    Planning an ultimate Vacation? If you’re tired of the traditional trips to the beach and looking for something new and exciting, there is nothing quite like a trip to Pigeon Forge. Experience the ultimate feel of relaxation with all the activities they can offer. This incredible getaway spot will leave you breathless and rejuvenated. All the adventure and excitement you can imagine is packed into one spot that is guaranteed to be the perfect getaway for your family. Enjoy the different activities at Pigeon Forge like Five Rivers Adventures. This gives you an up close and breathtaking view of the spectacular scenery. If you are going out with your family, this is a perfect addition to your schedule. The kids will love it. This tour guided trip includes a picnic lunch. Keep in mind that this activity is seasonal and opens during the month of March up to the month of October only. Another famous activity is Rafting in the Smokies. Enjoy the Rocky Top Outfitters with a fully stocked fly and tackle shop, featuring modern and high-quality spin and fly fishing equipments. The Rocky Top Outfitters have professional guides that you can hire during the season. Your kids will love the thrill of rafting across the river through a spray of white water, making your trip to Pigeon Forge a trip to remember. After white-water rafting, you might be looking for a way to relax and enjoy yourself. Attending a show is the perfect way. The Louise Mandrell show consists of a one woman band that can perform multiple shows. She entertains you with everything with the use of fiddle drums to the base and dance routines that would even make an athlete gasp for breath. Another show is the Comedy Barn. A family-friendly show, this is guaranteed to please children and adults alike. Even the youngest to the oldest can enjoy this kind of show. There is nothing quite like clean country comedy. This will be a night full of laughter that you’ll never forget. You can visit the famous Tennessee Museum of Aviation which is located in the parkway of Pigeon Forge. This unforgettable experience can give delight the entire family, an attraction that is both educational and captivating. You can leisurely stroll through the premises, observing the impressive and extensive collection of aviation memorabilia. This part of Pigeon Forge gives honor to some known Tennesseans who have contributed a lot in the field of aerospace and aviation. You won’t want to miss taking a trip to Dollywood, an amusement park that combines country music, great rides, and some tasty food. The kids will love the roller coasters, the music, and the fun. There truly is no place quite like Pigeon Forge. It’s a vacation your family is sure to remember forever.

    Online Activities available in pigeon forge tn
    Orlando is for shopping not just theme parks


    This title says it all, sort of. You can find just about anything you want in Orlando, and any time of year (unless you like snow and cold weather; sorry friend). The superb shopping in Orlando can be just as much of a tourist attraction as the world famous theme parks and other regular tourist attractions. Called by some writers ‘the ultimate family holiday destination’ this small but vibrant city is home to a large number of excellent shopping malls, and is known for its vibrant nightlife and renowned sports centers. In sum, a visit to Orlando means a phenomenal number of outstanding shops and stores. You’ll find a vast range of designer outlets, classy department stores, countless fashion boutiques and sprawling shopping malls. Something for everyone, indeed. Let’s check out a few of them now, so you can have an idea of what to expect in this tourist mecca. Starting at the top end, there is the Florida Mall, Orlando’s largest shopping center. With 245 stores, including eight department stores, well, you’re more than likely to find what something you want here. The location, naturally, is convenient as it’s near International Drive, Walt Disney World, Universal Studios and Sea World. Not so large, but hardly ‘small’ is Alamonte Mall, near the downtown area. More than 150 stores beckon you to a great shopping experience which is very much Florida, including indoor palm trees and native vegetation in the mall. And if shopping is your thing, or even if you just need a couple of personal items or a gift or two, or three, don’t miss The Mall at Millenia. Reputed as very big and very complete, it’s centrally located and close to major theme parks. The mall offers such conveniences as valet parking, discounted hotel reservations, gift wrapping, and a U. S. post office; and that’s just the beginning. And with all that shopping, eating has to fit in there somewhere. There’s quick and easy food for the family at the food court. There are also plenty of upscale restaurants and their famous cheesecake factory. The variety of shopping in Orlando is not just in the number of malls. There are various styles also. For example, outlet malls are known for great deals. Orlando has several outlet centers. Two are located right on International Drive: Belz Designer Outlet Center and The Belz Factory Outlet are convenient to get to and the Belz Factory Outlet is the largest outlet center in the United States. The designer outlet includes brands such as Ralph Lauren, DKNY and many others. Another outlet mall is The Orlando Premium Outlet, featuring discount merchandise. There are good deals at just about every store. And Lake Buena Vista Factory Stores, located near Disney World, has a great variety of stores and products for everyone in your family, including a playground for the kids. Completing the shopping cycle, International Drive has two large, open air markets. The Mercado has several stores featuring a wide variety of designer clothes. There are also various places to buy the art work of local artists as well as other Floridian merchandise. The ambience of an open air market is emphasized by the cobblestone walk ways throughout. The Pointe Orlando is a large open air market with sixty stores, but is not only for shopping. One can have a great time dining and enjoying their evening entertainment. Its seven restaurants and two night clubs assure you a fine time. And to get more of a sense of locality, another open air market, The Farmer’s Market, features fresh produce, locally made crafts and a variety of other merchandise. So, yes, it’s true, Orlando really does offer the visitor a full experience. After the theme parks, don’t forget your shopping. You’ll find it all here!

    Online Orlando is for shopping not just theme parks
    7 Tips for choosing forex brokers


    The more we live the more we find out that we are dependent on many things besides our wits. Smartness will only get us so far, but unless we make use of systems set up for our convenience we are apt to fail. This is so with the Forex market. The way how the market works means we have to work through a broker or a market maker to get our trades started and completed. You can find Forex brokers in every part of the world just as you will find currencies traded in almost every corner of the globe. However, you should consider a few points when you go out shopping for the right broker to help you with your trades. 1. Qualifications. Probably the most important thing of all is ensuring the Forex broker you use has the correct qualifications. Therefore, choose a broker registered with the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) as a Futures Commission Merchant (FCM). This means that you have legal protection against any abusive trading practices and scams that may arise. 2. Is the broker regulated? This means that when you sign up to use their services you will have protection and insurance against any internal fraud. Also, your funds will remain separate from the broker's operating funds. 3. What business model does the broker use? Some brokers are market makers while others are ECN brokers, providing a dealing desks for many traders. 4. Look at the types of spreads they offer. The spread is the difference between the bid and ask prices of the currencies you trade. Brokers do not make a commission on your trade, instead they take the spread as compensation. Your broker may also offer fixed or variable spreads, and they can be different for large accounts and miniaccounts. 5. Slippage. Can they provide you with details of just what slippage they would expect to occur during normal and fast moving markets? 6. Margin requirements. What is their margin requirement. That is, what percentage of the investment in your trades do they expect you to pay to open a trade. You also want to know about their margin calls, and the time you need to respond to such calls. 7. What is their Rollover Policy? Do they have any minimum margin requirements which they use to earn interest on any overnight positions? Plus, do they have any other requirements or conditions about you earning interest on any rollovers. Once you have done your research and have selected one or more Forex brokers, then it is time to set up your trading account. When your funds clear you can begin trading. Remember to read carefully the trading instructions to know how the broker can help you manage your trades. If you overlook some relevant details, you can lose money on your first trade. So take the time to read the details and ask the brokers or their support staff any questions you may have before you open your first trade.

    Online 7 Tips for choosing forex brokers
    New credit file the dark side of credit repair


    Bad credit rating drives some to the extremes. Starting a new credit file is one of these extreme measures. A new credit file will not contain any of the previous credit information on it, neither the bad nor the good and certainly not the ugly. The main reason this is even possible is the information overload. Think about it. Every day in US thousands of children are born and thousand will leave their physical shell for greener pastures in the heavens. These birth and death rates create new additions and new permanent removal of information from credit bureau's computer system. Remember that credit bureau's already track financial and credit history of millions of Americans. What will happen when the information about people with the same names and birth dates sometimes even in the same city enter the system? A flaw and a loophole are created. Well, the credit bureau's computer system is not infallible and with increased and conflicting legislation to protect citizens rights to privacy and restrictions placed on sharing of information between agencies, some have found the loophole and use it to create a new credit file for themselves. There are three major ways that people create a new credit file. One is to use their same name with different personal information. Another is to use the same personal information with a different first or last name. And last of all, they use an alias name with the same or different personal information. Personal information means a person's birth date, social security number, address etc. These new credit files seem legitimate and from credit bureau's computer system point of view they fall under those anomalies we mentioned earlier such as two people can have the same name and birth date but live in two different locations. Many of the techniques used to obtain a new credit file are taken from legitimate day to day living needs. For example, those who decide to change their names for personal or religious reasons; they can obtain a new social security number. Or when some one moves from one state to another, they need to get a new driver’s license. However when one changes his or her name in order to get a new social security number to skip on the credit card payments, he or she is crossing the legal lines. Or if someone creates a false social security number under the Federal Trade Commission's Credit Repair Act, that someone may be committing a felony by using a false identification number. The rules are too many, the potential penalties too high. Do your homework and understand the laws so that you do not break them unknowingly. * DISCLAIMER: Vishy Dadsetan, MyPersonalFinance or My Favorite Shop, Inc. do not endorse any product or company. This article and website do not provide legal, insurance, or other professional services. If expert assistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Although Vishy Dadsetan has made every effort to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information contained in this site, he assumes no responsibility for errors, omissions, inaccuracies, or inconsistencies. © Vishy Dadsetan

    Online New credit file the dark side of credit repair
    You may well be in catch 22 of a poor credit rating


    You may well be in a catch 22 situation of a poor credit rating. It’s not unlike the person who wants to enter the work force and finds that all the jobs they want require work experience. If you cannot get the job that will give you the work experience how are you supposed to get that work experience. Having a poor credit rating and ranking will put you into the same type of double bind. If you are a responsible individual who both wants to pay off their debts and thus improve their credit rating you may well find that you are in a similar situation. The background reports, on job applicants that employers purchase behind the scenes often list credit reports prominently. It stands to reason if the employer has to place you in a situation of trust and as well must maintain the crucial image of their firm, that one of their marking points and standard references would be the results of your credit report. In addition the new employee may have to bond. Having a poor credit report may well limit your job hiring and career prospects. In addition, for reason of employability, you may need to purchase a car or find that you have to relocate and purchase or rent a new residence. Both may limit your employment opportunities, job offerings and range of job and career opportunities. Having a poor credit ranking may limit you heavily in both situations – whether it is for car payments or property rentals or qualification for a mortgage to purchase real estate. What are the steps, procedures and options in repairing a bad credit rating? The very first step is to obtain an actual copy of your credit report. A person can not plan a journey without a map. Not even a tent can be erected without a plan. Having a copy of your actual credit report can provide you with a proper list, and proper information as to what credit information has to be improved and repaired. This is the actual information that your credit rating is based upon. The only way to improve your credit rating is to work on those items on the list, by a priority sequence, one by one. For the most part there are three major credit reporting agencies. Experian , Trans-Union and Equifax. By law these agencies have to supply you with a copy of your credit report on your request. This can be done in person, by fax or by computer. Of course proper documentation and identification is required. Of course in this day and age of computerization you can often obtain your credit reports from services and agencies on the internet. A professional fee will usually be involved. It all depends on your financial status. By using such a service you can save gas or bus transportation costs as well as time so that the actual net cost of the service to you may be small if any. Again it all depends on your finances and if you have the ability, in spite of your bad credit to have the financial vehicle – be it a charge card or Paypal to pay these actual fees. Once you obtain your credit report a list must be prepared. List the items and records that are hindering your credit ranking in order of the worst first. What jumps off the page? It may not be the largest amount but rather from a creditor that is highly visible and in essence can do you a lot of harm. For example $ 100,000 owed to your uncle may not affect your credit rating as much as $ 5,000 owed to a major charge card or the I. R.S. for back taxes. Next make an attempt to make a repayment scheme to those first identified creditors. Explain that you know well that you owe them money and try to work out a payment scheme. The creditor may not even know that you have had a financial crisis. The system may just have identified you as a late payment over time – so that they have just assumed that you are a bad debtor who has no intention of paying off their bill. If possible deal with a senior employee at the firm. Work out a payment scheme if possible. Stick to that plan come hell or high water. Do this procedure one step at a time down your priority debt list. Call those creditors down the list. It is not as if you calling to tell them that some other creditor are higher up the list than them. Explain to the creditor that you are making plans to pay off your debt to them and their organization. You are attempting to improve your financial situation by obtaining a better job – in order to have a better income stream, to follow through on plans to pay them in an orderly manner. Indeed if asked they may even give you an interest freeze. A piece of a loaf of bread is better than no loaf of bread at all. In the end it all comes down to consistency and persistence. What you are trying to do is present an appearance of progress, of financial and fiscal responsibility of a person who makes every attempt to take care of their debts. Remember it is not so much a matter of specifics but rather of constant progress and an upward trend line on the bar graph.

    Online You may well be in catch 22 of a poor credit rating
    Long range wireless phone extender cost effective rural voice and internet solution for remote area home based biz work


    This article on Long-Range Phone Extender is devoted for the purpose of discussing the method of extending a phone, fax and internet (low-speed access) connection up to a distance of 10 to 200 km. A scenario: businessman-supplier is doing business supplying raw materials found only in a place where communication service is hard to establish. His business requires that he establish contact with his buyers to check on prices, etc. What is the most cost-effective solution in order to have access to communication - voice and data or fas/internet. Consider also the case of a mother yearning to establish a home-based internet business. Home-based workers can take advantage long-range phone extender to work from the comfort of their homes like submitting articles or doing email marketing on-line. Basically, a home-based worker will need a broadband internet connection, but there are some type home-based business activities that can be served using phone extenders for internet access. In cases where using Outdoor Long-Range WLAN and other wireless broadband technology is not a feasible communication option owing to terrain and distance from source (Pt A) to remote village (Pt B), an appropriate solution would be to use a Wireless Long-Range Phone Extender. A Wireless Long-Range Phone Extender is a fixed-wireless radio equipment capable of extending or hauling a fixed-line (analog landline) dial tone wirelessly to very long-distances. For it to work, you will need a pair (two units) of radio called a base station radio and remote station. It is not the traditional two-way radio but its operation is very similar. Long Range Phone Extender base and remote station units work in tandem. The only difference is that phone-extenders utilizes full-duplex function so that users in both ends can hear each other simultaneously while talking unlike a normal push-to-talk two radio. Just like two-way radios the phone extender's radio antenna must be elevated via an antenna tower. The secret to its long-distance transmission capability is on its power output and frequency. Phone extenders use VHF and UHF frequency, the level capable of reaching very long-distance. The lower the frequency and the higher the power output, the higher will be the transmission range. A phone extender with an output power of 25Watts can reach as much as 200Km on point-to-point communication. Added functionality is fax and modem compatibility such that you can receive fax messages and use dial-up internet access on the remote site. Internet speed can reach up to 56Kbps or lower depending on the quality of the communication line. Some long-range phone equipment offers reliable data speed even beyond a distance of 100Km. Wireless Long-Range Phone Extender is very ideal for remote islands, jungles, remote resorts and villages. It is widely used in remote places in the world owing to its reliability and simple operation. Big savings on long-distance call can be derived since you're using an extended local line. You can call such local area even if its 100 km away free at no extra long-distance charges. In the case above, the businessman can save much on communication cost by having to call his buyer via an extended local phone with un-limited calling instead of using a service that charges per minute long-distance call.

    Online Long range wireless phone extender cost effective rural voice and internet solution for remote area home based biz work
    Craigslist has everything you could ever want


    One of the best ways to sell stuff, market items, promote a business, find employment, and find home rentals is by searching on Craigslist. Craigslist is a terrific medium in trying to do all these things. Millions of people use Craigslist on a daily basis and thousands of people post a wide range of things everyday. Say Starbucks is the mecca of coffee, Craigslist is the mecca of all the things I listed above. First off, if you are trying to sell something, post it on Craigslist for super results. Countless civilians look on Craigslist for all different kinds of random things all the time. In addition, Craigslist is a free service so you get the most money possible when you sell something. You usually have to pay a fee to advertise something you want to sell in like a newspaper or some add thing. Not with Craigslist though. The more people who see your product for sale, the more likelihood you will sell it fast. Using Craigslist gives your item for sale the maximum exposure it deserves and it will sell wicked quick. Maybe your fancy is in marketing. Marketing something is the best way to sell products. Clever word use and emotional writing is the greatest way to grab peopleґs attention. You need people to grab though when marketing. Craigslist is a wonderful source in subjecting you to a wide abundance of individuals. When more people see your marketing strategy, the better your sales will be. More people you market, the better opportunities you have to make money. Letґs say you are trying to promote your business. Posting your company on Craigslist is a great way in doing this. If you add your company to the “Service” part of Craigslist, people are bound to see it. It is up to you to type quality information about your business and promote it properly in order to attract customers. Most people donґt own their own business, so what if you are a individual seeking employment? Craigslist lists hundreds of jobs everyday in different locations just for people like you looking for work. They have career type jobs and just normal jobs. It is a great place to find work because employers know lots of people browse Craigslist everyday. This gives them exposure to all kinds of people looking for work. It is a tubular idea if you are looking for work. Everyone needs a roof over their heads to live a normal life. Countless agencies and private people list rentals available everyday in a wide scope of prices. Craigslist has tons of apartments, duplexes, condos, townhomes, and homes listed all the time your area. If you are looking for a place to live, check out Craigslist because they have lots of stuff. In conclusion, Craigslist is like Wal-Mart, it has everything. If you want to do any of the stuff listed in this article above, go to Craigslist and be completely satisfied. You wonґt be let down.

    Online Craigslist has everything you could ever want
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