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    A fold that s worth a thousand gain


    How much are you charged for an online ad? How much will you be paying for an advertisement space in a magazine or newspaper? Advertising and marketing can be a very extravagant business. Every second, space and word is paid accordingly. If you have invested a large sum in your ads and promotions, how sure are you that you will get it back more than you expect it to be? How will you profit from it? Some businessmen are having qualm about spending high on ads and promotions. This is because they are not sure that they will profit from it. Some perceive it as just throwing away of money. This may not be a serious bother to multinationals or big corporations and business. Nonetheless, to the point of starting entrepreneurs, spending high may mean ‘make or break’ endeavor or worst may result to future bankruptcy. When talking about your business, everything matters – even the minutest details. One detail that must not be overlooked is effective communication. Therefore, promotions and advertisements are indispensable. If you are this point worrying about expenses, worry no more. There are affordable alternatives in connection with marketing your business. Tiny pieces of paper can do you a great favor. Brochures for one are effective marketing materials. Brochure may come in a fold or several of them. These folds can give you the edge in the marketing world. In fact, they may return as several folds of bucks. Imagine, you are hitting two birds at the same time. Brochures printing are affordable plus the aftermath of its distribution can be financially rewarding to business enthusiasts. Brochures printing can be had in an easy and practicable manner. In fact, you can transact online. Brochures printing companies are rampant. All you have to do is select the best – the printer with outstanding reputation and credibility can do your printing job superbly. Your friend’s personal recommendation is a good recommendation. You can also rely on reviews and goodwill. Just be sure that your printer will bring life to your folds of communication.

    Online A fold that s worth a thousand gain
    Article submission trumps ezine ads and google adwords


    You may have heard advice from Internet marketing gurus that ezine ads are one of the best forms of advertising. You may also have heard that Google AdWords and other pay per click search engines are one of the best advertising methods. But when it comes to marketing your web site, article submission trumps ezine ads and Google AdWords anytime. The advantage of article submission is trust. Suppose you subscribe to an ezine in the form of an email newsletter. You've just sat down at your PC, coffee in hand, to read your email. There in your inbox is a copy of one of your favorite ezines, the one you read every time. Clicking on the newsletter, you see that this edition starts with a sponsor ad and then has a couple of great sounding articles and a couple more ezine ads. Sipping your coffee, one of the articles catches your attention. You read the article, and you were right. It's a great article. At the bottom of the article, there is a link to the author's web site and a short biography. You notice the author has a link to pick up a free report with more information about the article's topic. Then you notice that right below that there's a sponsor's link in an ezine ad. The sponsor's link is for a different web site, but it also offers a free report about the same topic. Now you might click both links. But if you could only click one, which would you choose: the one by the author of the great article you just read or the one in the ezine ad? If you would click on the one from the author of the article you just read, you're not alone. Most people would, wouldn't they? Now suppose you're surfing around on the web. You do a Google search on a topic you're interested in, and you follow a link to a great article with some excellent advice on the topic. Again, there is a link to the author's web site and a link to a free report with more information on the topic. Right beside it are five Google AdWords ads on the same topic. As luck would have it, they are also each offering a free report on the same topic. You would still be most likely to click on the author's link at the bottom of the article, though, wouldn't you? Article submission trumps ezine ads and Google AdWords because you establish a relationship and build trust with your reader. You are obviously the expert. After all, you wrote the article. And the webmaster or ezine publisher wouldn't have published the article if they didn't think you knew what you were talking about, right? Years ago, I used to do direct sales in people's homes. I learned that one of the first things you need to do is the "warm up." You've just entered someone's home, they don't know who you are as a person, and they know you're going to be trying to get money from them before you leave. If you don't establish rapport quickly, it's difficult to overcome people's natural sales resistance. In direct sales in the home, you do that by talking a little with people before you begin your sales presentation. They get to know you as a person, and their resistance is lowered. Most people can't do sales because they remain the "enemy," the horrible sales person who wants to sell them something. Let's face it, people hate sales people! But imagine if you could warm up to people easily - and not just one or two people, but thousands of people. Imagine if instead of selling them something, you could educate them about something that will solve a problem and be of great benefit to them. That's entirely different, isn't it? Article submission allows you to do exactly this, and on a massive scale. If you submit many articles to article submission sites and article directories, many will be published on web sites and in ezines around the Internet. People will read your articles and warm up to you. Solve their problems and they'll want more. It's hard to accomplish that with Google AdWords. You only have three lines and a few words to build interest and trust and to get the click. It's also hard to achieve that with ezine ads. Even with solo ezine ads, everyone knows they are advertisements. Article submission is the secret. Writing and submitting articles is relatively easy. Just write very helpful articles on your topic and link to your web site. Through article submission you will build your reputation. Through article submission you will gain trust. And through article submission you will get visitors to your web site that already like you, value your advice, and want to know more about what you can do to help them. That's already an incredible benefit, but it gets even better. Article submission is usually free, or low cost if you use an article submission service. Ezine ads and Google AdWords can be very expensive, and it is unlikely you could ever get traffic coming to your site as open to listening to you and trusting you as they will be from an article submission. This is why article submission trumps ezine ads and Google AdWords.

    Online Article submission trumps ezine ads and google adwords
    An obvious manifestation secret


    There is a well known and very much overlooked ‘secret’ that Master Manifestors use continuously. It is a very basic, simple component that sets in motion all that exists in the human world. We all know it is real and absolutely necessary. Yet the vast majority of people do their level best to avoid it. Without this ‘secret’, all dreams, hopes, wishes and well intentioned goals will remain in a keepsake box stuffed under the bed. The box will be pulled out on rainy afternoons, and its carefully saved articles dusted off and cherished once more. Some time will be spent in pondering potential possibilities, and hopefulness will expire. Great wistfulness will settle over its guardian, and with a tired resolve, the goals, ambitions and really serious potential will be carefully put to rest once more. The real definition of potential, to put it politely, is ‘worth nothing as it sits right now’. Goals, dreams, wishes, hopes and desire have only potential without the obvious secret that can only lead to manifestation. Not worth a darn right now. There is little so common in the world as latent potential. But add the magic ingredient, and your desires will become manifest before your eyes. Pour a viscous, electric blue liquid into your keepsake box, and it will empty itself into your real world. This secret, magic ingredient is commonly known as ‘action’. Git’r done, get it on, go, just do it, start, ACTION. This is a billion dollar concept that gifted speakers devote entire seminars to. All desires must begin their journey into manifestation somewhere. All things already exist, but you must accept them, or go get them. You must actively allow results to happen. Take action, and get what it is you want. Consider a sated, comfortable diner sitting after dinner at a lavish restaurant buffet. All he wanted to eat waits in shiny serving dishes. He tremendously wishes for a piece of delicious pie, but has none. Magnificent fresh pie is only across the room. Does he really want the pie itself, or is the activity of wanting pie more fun? Which will be more satisfying, wanting the desire, or fulfilling the desire? What will it take to fulfill this dream? In the diner’s case, the monumental undertaking of getting up and taking the pie will satisfy a craving. Lose the potential, and take the action. Start and the path to success will unfold in front of you as you walk upon it. The pathway will continue as long as you wish to travel, but you must take that first step. Desire all you want, but without actually doing something about it, the reality will never manifest itself in front of you, and remain a wistful keepsake stuffed under the bed in a box. Take action, start, and your path will reveal itself to you. Action. By Kelly Archibald

    Online An obvious manifestation secret
    Jaguar xk 8 sporty yet classy


    From the Jaguar brand of vehicles comes yet another vehicle that is surely on its way to speeding up to popularity and fame. This vehicle is the Jaguar XK 8, and it is a part of Jaguar’s XK series. This series has been considered to be a modern Grand Touring coupe and convertible from the brand. The production of the Jaguar XK 8 had actually started back in the year 1996 although the very first vehicles were set out and sold in the market come the following year. This vehicle replaced the niche that the defunct Jaguar XJS left behind when its production was permanently halted. It has already gone through a first generation and is currently on its second. Indeed, the Jaguar XK 8 has been making breakthroughs and achieving them for Jaguar. This vehicle is the first vehicle from Jaguar to receive eight cylinders which is called the new Jaguar AJ V8 engine. The Jaguar XK 8 has been crafted as coupes and convertibles. This vehicle also sports long and elegant lines that have made it quite a distinct vehicle that surely exudes luxury and sophistication. It has a 2 + 2 seating. And yes, despite its being elegant and sophisticated, the Jaguar XK 8 also performs well and is up for speed. It has been equipped with an engine that could produce some 290 units of horsepower. Comfort has also been considered by the company when they produced the Jaguar XK 8. For drivers, this vehicle is one that they certainly would want to drive over and over again. It holds Connolly leather seats that are not too firm yet not too soft either. Space and roominess has also not been sacrificed so as not to give passengers a suffocating and very uncomfortable feel. The Jaguar XK 8 can actually accelerate from zero to 60 mph in just 6.6 seconds. Its engine is a DOHC V8 engine with 32 valves. This machine has the capacity to produce some 290 units of horsepower at 6100 rpm and some 290 units of torque at 4250 rpm. Its top speed has been recorded as 155 mph. It can achieve 17 mpg for city driving and 24 mpg as per highway travails.

    Online Jaguar xk 8 sporty yet classy
    It emergencies how to plan for them


    In a perfect world, there should be no IT emergencies, but it doesn’t work that way. Handling IT emergencies are critical to maintaining your customer base and a great opportunity to acquire new business. You cannot afford to staff up to every peak, nor can you afford to fail to meet the needs of an existing client. Don't Overschedule Your Staff Generally, you want to schedule at about 75 percent capacity for technical people that don’t have sales responsibilities or management responsibilities. This leaves about 25 percent flexibility for non-billable projects, IT emergencies, and new business targets. There will be peaks that you cannot meet. Then it is all-hands-on-deck and the ability to do triage among customers as well as for a single customer becomes important. This is the time when standardizing pays off If you’re booking someone out in the field for a full day, schedule them eight to 11 in the morning and do the afternoon appointment from one to four. This leaves you some time. Explain IT Emergencies To Your Clients Also clients that you have long-term relationships with do understand when emergencies come up and will excuse a rescheduled maintenance appointment. After all, they want to know that you will respond to their IT emergencies too. If you need to call them and tell them that you’re stuck at a client emergency--the server’s down, lightening struck, or there was a fire or whatever-- most long-term clients are pretty understanding if you’re running an hour or two late. It really boils down to keeping the communications open, staying in contact with people, making best use of your resources and just don’t over schedule on the routine stuff. The Bottom Line about IT Emergencies The project work is a lot more predictable generally because you’re going to know the requirements a couple of weeks to a couple months ahead of time. Be sure to build some slack time into the schedule to accommodate IT emergencies. Copyright MMI-MMVI, Computer Consultants Secrets. All Worldwide Rights Reserved. {Attention Publishers: Live hyperlink in author resource box required for copyright compliance}

    Online It emergencies how to plan for them
    Research results in new drugs and cancer treatments


    There may be new hope for many cancer patients, their caregivers and loved ones. That's because America's research-based pharmaceutical companies are today developing nearly 400 new medicines to treat cancer, according to a survey of ongoing research conducted by the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA). Many of the medicines now in development represent potential breakthrough cancer treatments, while others involve possible new uses for existing medicines. The medicines in development are all either in clinical trials or under review by the Food and Drug Administration. They include: • 62 for lung cancer, the leading cause of cancer death in the United States; • 49 for breast cancer, which is expected to strike more than 200,000 American women this year; • 50 for prostate cancer, which is expected to kill more than 30,000 American men this year; and • 35 for colorectal cancer, the third most common cancer in both men and women in the U. S. Other potential medicines target kidney cancer, pancreatic cancer, brain cancer, skin cancer, ovarian cancer and others. In addition, companies are working on new treatments to improve the quality of life for people undergoing cancer treatment. "Anyone fighting cancer or anyone who has beaten it knows the importance of these medicines and this research," said Billy Tauzin, PhRMA president and CEO who is also a cancer survivor. "Sometimes, the hope that one of these new medicines will work for you is what keeps you fighting the disease." Recent cancer research efforts have resulted in several new treatments. For example, a medicine to treat metastatic colorectal cancer is the first treatment approved that prevents the formation of new blood vessels that provide tumors with oxygen and nutrients. There's also a medicine for the treatment of nonsmall-cell lung cancer that inhibits the formation and growth of tumor cells. Research into possible new cancer cures and treatments is today being conducted by as many as 178 biopharmaceutical companies as well as by the National Cancer Institute. The Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America represents the country's leading pharmaceutical research and biotechnology companies.

    Online Research results in new drugs and cancer treatments
    Caring for elderly parents 5 tips for avoiding caregiver burnout


    : Joanne’s mother, Betty, had rheumatoid arthritis for years. Suddenly and unexpectedly, Betty was disabled by the pain, fatigue and limited mobility that she had feared since her diagnosis. Joanne convinced her fiercely independent mother that living alone was no longer an option. And Joanne, the eldest of four children, knew that caring for her sick mother fell on her shoulders. Joanne was a legend in the circles of her family, friends and colleagues for her ability to act with grace under pressure. Joanne took two weeks of vacation from her job and cooked and froze meals for her husband and three children. As she flew to her hometown, she wondered how she would coordinate her mother’s care from a distance. Supporting her husband as he built his new business, nurturing her kids and directing a major project at work already made her feel that she was running on empty. You may relate to Joanne’s story. One out of four Americans cares for a friend or relative who is sick, disabled or frail. That’s 46 million Americans who offer unpaid help to a loved one. If they were paid caregivers’ compensation would exceed last year’s Medicare budget! And if you become a caregiver, you, like Joanne, may try to do it alone, shrouded in secrecy. Solo caregiving compromises your ability to nurture yourself and others. Let’s take caregiving out from behind closed doors. For your sake and the sake of those who count on you, please get some help. Caregivers are competent people who feel that they should be able to do this job. Yet, many soon find themselves unprepared and ill-equipped to manage the sometimes daunting tasks, such as managing a complex medical regimen or remodeling a house so it’s wheel-chair accessible or even finding someone to stay with their loved ones so they can go out to a movie without worrying their relatives will fall on the way to the fridge. If you are a caregiver, you know that this act of love has its costs. You stand to forfeit up to $650,000 in lost wages, pension and social security. Add to that is the personal cost to your well being, as your new demands leave you less time for your family and friends. You may give up vacations, hobbies and social activities. Finally, caregiving places a burden on your health. Caregivers are at increased risk for depression, anxiety, depressed immune function and even hospitalization. Instead of reaching out, caregivers become isolated. Many who assume the caregiving burden fit the profile of the giving family member, like Joanne, who does not want to trouble others with their problems. Some fear the consequences of disclosing their new demands to coworkers or employers. Caregivers are further challenged by the cultural conspiracy of silence. Our youth-centered society turns a blind eye to the unpleasant and inevitable reality that all of us age and die. This leaves both caregivers and care recipients unprepared. Look no further than the path of Hurricane Katrina to witness the consequences of a lack of planning. What can you do? Start talking about the "what ifs" and make a plan. 1. Start with yourself. What will happen to you and your family if you become disabled or die unexpectedly? Do you have disability insurance? Do you have a will? Do you have a living will, and have you identified the person who will make the medical choices you would make if you are not in the position to do so? 2. Approach healthy family members. Say, "I hope that you live many happy years in which you enjoy all of the pleasures you worked so hard to create." Have you thought about what would happen to you in the event that you cannot live independently any more?

    If some medical event befalls you, who would make your medical choices? 3. Look into community resources that support caregiving. A day program, for example, helps your loved one by providing social connections with peers. Your community may even offer transportation to and from the program. Getting out of the house offers the additional benefit of getting bodies moving.

    Socializing and exercise are the two most powerful interventions that help your loved ones stay at their best. 4. Make specific suggestions to friends, family members and neighbors who want to help. You may even want to keep a "help list." When they say, "Let me know what I can do," you have a response: "Could you take Mom to her physical therapy appointment this week?" "When you’re at the store, could you pick up some oranges and blueberries?" "Could you watch the kids for an hour so I can get to the gym?" Your giving friends will appreciate specific ideas about how they can help.

    5. Take care of your health. Get good nutrition, plenty of sleep, and regular exercise to stay in top health. Wash your hands regularly to prevent colds and flu. Manage your stress with laughter, a prayer or even a deep breath. Nourish your soul with a taste of activities that recharge your batteries such as writing in your journal or gardening. Finally, talk to your doctor if you feel depressed or anxious.

    The best strategies for effective caregiving include preparation, acts of self-care and reaching out for help. That begins with the courage to start talking openly about caregiving.

    Online Caring for elderly parents 5 tips for avoiding caregiver burnout
    Christmas article 43


    43. Care and Disposal of Christmas Trees Since so much time and effort is put into selecting the perfect Christmas tree, it follows that similar consideration should also be given to giving the tree the best possible care. Otherwise, there will be disappointment if needles start to brown or turn yellow, or branches begin to break with days or weeks to go before the season is over. Safety is also an important reason to take proper care of your Christmas tree because a drying Christmas tree also presents a grave danger as a fire hazard. The average Christmas tree should last for about five to six weeks if the proper care is given to it. After selecting a Christmas tree and getting it home, the first thing that should be done is to make a fresh cut and place it into a stand with water. A Christmas tree shouldn't be mounted dry and the water in its stand should be replenished regularly. A fresh cut is made by cutting about an inch off the bottom in a slight diagonal shape to help the absorption of water. If a fresh cut isn't going to be made immediately after getting the tree home, it should be placed in a container with water and left to stand in a shaded area that is away from the wind. If a fresh cut isn't made and the Christmas tree is left exposed to air, the vessels for transporting water can become blocked. If this happens, another fresh cut can correct the problem and the tree would need to be immediately put in a container with water. Your Christmas tree should be secure in its stand and it should be placed away from open flames or sources of heat such as furnaces, fireplaces and air vents, all of which may dry it out. Decoration of the tree should also begin after it has been mounted in its stand. Several decoration precautions should be taken to lessen or avoid the Christmas tree being a fire hazard. Ornaments that have an open flame or candles should never be used for decoration. Christmas tree lights should be checked to make sure the bulbs are working properly, the connections are intact and that no part of the cord is damaged. If there appears to be any exposed wiring or bulbs that are not working or which are working intermittently, that string of Christmas tree lights shouldn't be used. A good Christmas tree stand should be selected since water is the most important item to getting the longest life out of your Christmas tree. In selecting a stand, find out the amount of water it can hold when a tree is placed in it. Some water will be displaced from the space taken up by the base of the tree so it is important that a selection is not made based on the total volume of water the stand can hold. According to the National Christmas Tree Association, the average Christmas tree may absorb up to one gallon of water each day. It is therefore important to check the water everyday and replenish it accordingly. To make sure your Christmas tree gets enough water, the Association recommends that one quart of water is required for each inch of the diameter of the tree's trunk. After Christmas is over and your wonderfully decorated Christmas tree has provided much joy, it is important to remove it before it dries out. Options to discard your Christmas will likely depend on the services offered by your municipality. Some municipalities will pick up Christmas trees on particular days, with a cut-off date. Some towns may require that residents take their trees to specific locations, while in others Christmas trees will be picked up with the garbage, again up to a certain date. But Christmas trees should never be burned in the fireplace as it can cause the build up of creosote, a colorless, oily substance. There's also the choice that you can continue to get a different use from your Christmas tree by cutting it to pieces yourself and be environmentally sensitive by using it for mulch.

    Online Christmas article 43
    Holiday decorating good for you or added stress


    : December gives us the perfect excuse to pamper ourselves with holiday cheer. No matter which holiday tradition you celebrate, decorating your home is good for you. Psychologists report that change, planning, and entertainment make people happy. Change your environment for the holidays and plan to entertain yourself as well as guests. Holiday decorations change stagnant rooms. When your accessories and mementos stay in the same place day after day, you soon get used to them and no longer notice your treasure in the same old location. Moving things around and adding holiday decorations to your spaces makes everything feel new again. You increase your happiness when you decorate your home for the holidays. If you take out the stress. When you make a huge production out of decorating your home for the holidays, you can easily become overwhelmed and turn a happy event into a stress-filled ordeal. Balance, the key to happiness, will help you keep holiday decorating FUN. Don't take on too much. It doesn't take a lot of decorations to instill holiday cheer! Have you ever noticed that when you plan a party that the actual planning makes you happy? Psychologists say that's because people love to daydream and plan. An added bonus, the more time you take to plan a party, the more organized the event, and the better the result. Guests love to come to a home decked out in holiday splendor. The festive air created with candles, decorations, and music provides the backdrop for happy interactions. It's hard for someone to not be happy when they enter a home in celebration mood.

    Take some time for yourself and enjoy your holiday decorating. Pamper yourself and your guests. Copyright © Jeanette J. Fisher

    Online Holiday decorating good for you or added stress
    Your guide to buying security cameras


    Today’s technology has made setting up security precautions such as security cameras a cinch! You no longer need to be a millionaire to set up one. You could even install one yourself! Security cameras provide a means for its owner to watch over his or her propery from the safety and convenience of any area he chooses. This type of system is a great deterrent to thievery and unwanted entry. Most organizations that have sensitive items or are off limits to the general public employ these cameras to help keep their places safe. Purchasing and implementing such a system may save your business from the terrors of illegal entry. Investment in such could save you a whole lot of trouble. Before purchasing a system, you will want to consider the following factors. Your needs Study your needs. The type of security measures installed will depend on your specific security needs. For example how large is the area you would like covered? How many cameras will it take to monitor this area? You must make sure the security camera system you will purchase can accommodate enough slots for expansion. Do you need audio too? Some camera systems have audio recording equipment as well so you can not only see what happens, but hear it as well. This is important in cases when you would like everything documented. However, this may be costly. Many establishments only require video records of their security. Also, you must ascertain whether you need to have your security cameras record in color or black and white. Color cameras are, of course, more sophisticated and show a clearer picture. However, they tend to be pricey. Color cameras might also not work in low-light situations. Consider the location of the cameras. Will the location be hard to set up a wiring system in? In that case, you may want to consider wireless security camera systems. However, these cameras must be in a place that is conducive to high quality broadcast. There must be no interference. They can, though, be moved around the area. They are a bit more flexible than their fixed-wire cousins. Will the camera system be for outdoor purposes? Cameras that monitor outdoor locations need special weatherproof housings and may not be recommended for extreme temperatures and various elements. Also those that may be vandalized must be protected against such. Also, you must take in consideration the lighting for an area. If your camera cannot record a scene due to bad lighting, you will end up with muddy images that won’t help in your surveillance activities. Choose a security camera that has a good sensitivity to light. Also, try to illuminate such areas with external lighting. You must consider where the power sources will be located. Make sure they are well protected against the elements and from tampering. Consider the available methods for recording the images. You may use a variety of backup media. And with the advent of computer storage media, even the use of hard disks, compact discs, and DVDs can prove to be an inexpensive way to store your data. Installing a Security Camera System Most home security cameras require little wiring, but installation differs according to model. Here are the basic steps: 1. Survey the area to be monitored. Follow the instructions/manual that comes with your security camera product. Install the camera at a proper distance from the area to be surveyed. Cameras vary in the distances from which they focus, so it would do well to pay notice to such. 2. Secure the camera using proper mounts, etc. Make sure that if the camera you are to install should not be moved, its placing should be secure and tamper proof. 4. Connect the camera to the monitor according to the manufacturer's directions. Make sure the wiring is as hidden and as secure as possible. This will make it harder for vandals and thieves from damaging your wiring. 5. Fine tune your system. Make sure you optimize the images you receive from the camera. Set a maintenance plan and fail safe plans to employ in case your cameras break down. 6 Organize an archival system according to your needs. Backing up and recording your images are implemented here.

    Online Your guide to buying security cameras
    Maps to travel with


    Summer is just around the corner. For sure many people would spend their summer vacation visiting places and having an adventure. Traveling is a lot of fun especially if you are going to a new and exciting place. Nothing can beat the exciting feeling of seeing new things and meeting new people. But just before you step off your front lawn make sure that you double check all your luggages and make sure to carry a map with you especially if you are going to a new place. Maps will help you go around the place easily. But did you know that early maps were considered religious icons? Yes, early world maps were created for religious purposes. And since they represented the worship of God most maps during the early years were not a useful tool for travel. However, as the world modernizes so are the uses of maps. Today, modern maps show the world in ways that allowed a reader to leave home and return. Admit it, you have drawn and thrown dozens of maps away in your life – the sketch your friend drew in a table napkin to help you find the frat party; the map you used when you travel to Indonesia or the atlas that you have used in history class in high school. All these helped you find a location or make a spatial sense of the world. Many museums today have collections of old and new maps. They see to it that they preserve the maps as they are an important part of a place’s history. Map experts spend their lives learning about maps. The knowledge that they get are based on hundreds of hours spent on carefully examining maps. This is why even a simple damage to a map that might not even be noticed by a regular reader can prove important to an expert. But map printing is not as easy as you think. The location of buildings, houses, landmarks and the like should be exact and clear. Even the color of the map should be appropriate. Woodcut, engraving and lithography are the different techniques used in producing maps. Woodcut is a relief printing process. It is the oldest printing technique known. Early on this technique was used for printing designs on playing cards and religious prints. Engraving, on the other hand, is the oldest intaglio technique. This has been done to decorate metals for ages. And lithography uses the repelling properties of grease and water to print from polished slabs of very fine textured limestone. So the next time you use or come across a map do not just look at it and throw it away after use. Remember without it you would have never found the frat party or have reached the beautiful island of Bali, Indonesia and you would have never found your way home.

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    Fairy tales for preschoolers


    PreSchool Children love Fairy Tales. I can think of no better way to pass an afternoon than listening to someone narrate one of the classic childrens stories of all time. My favorite, Beatrix Potters first charming tale of Peter Rabbit. Children around the world love to hear about the adventures of this lovable little rabbit as he sneaks to the forbidden garden of Mr McGregor. How about the silly antics of Winnie The Pooh by A. A. Milne. Every child adores a romp through the Hundred Acre Woods. Reading takes children into the wonderful world of fantasy. Fairy Tales help to spark imagination and curiosity. Fairy Tales usually have a moral that makes sense to preschoolers. Children love fairy tales because they are usually silly and bring to life animals and toys. And best of all, reading to young children encourages them to learn to read on their own. Kids get excited about books and continue to read on their own long after the fairy tale years. Children of any age can benefit from books, and it's always best to make time for reading. Audiobooks make it easy for parents and teachers to fit in extra reading time. A professionally narrated book is like a full scale play. The narrators bring the story to life while the children sit captivated until the very end. Reading to children helps build vocabulary skills, become better readers and certainly reading to children will help to develop listening skills. Just 20 minutes of reading to kids every day will make a fundamental difference in so many ways. Check with your local library, they usually have a story time program for preschoolers that meet regularly. Kids love to be part of a special group and this will add further encouragement. Build a strong foundation for your children now and see the benefits for a lifetime.

    Online Fairy tales for preschoolers
    Internet businesses need more traffic


    For an internet business to succeed the most important factor is traffic. Without traffic even the most expensive website is worthless. Having a website is like having a shop in a basement in a dark alley in a small town. So how can you generate traffic? There are four main ways to generate useful traffic. Paid for advertising – this works but is very expensive. You buy sponsored links to your website and bid for keywords. The two main search engines work slightly differently when it comes to bidding for keywords. One takes into account the click through ratios whilst the other only takes the bid price for positioning purposes. Write articles – writing quality articles about the market your business is in will certainly help. This only works if you write a lot of articles. One or two articles will only give you a temporary blip of traffic maybe for a couple of days. There are literally hundreds of article sites that you can post to. It is hard work but well worth it. Press releases – write a press release that has some human story behind it. Do not just write about your business but rather how it affected the life of someone doing business with you. Have you got a new product? Have you just picked up a major client? Write a press release! Keep the press release short and snappy. Make sure you check for spelling and grammar before posting it. Make it interesting! Boring press releases never get read. There are many places online where you can publish your press release for free. If you use more than one online service make sure you do not release it to all of them on the same day. Give at least a couple days in between each online service. For the best results pay a press release expert to distribute it for you especially to the local media outlets. SEO – search engine optimisation – I am staggered at how little so called “SEO experts” know. It is important to find a good person to help you here. Do not take their word for it but pick up the phone and speak to a few of their clients. Speak to people whose websites are already generating a lot of traffic and ask them who they use and how they generate traffic. You will be pleasantly surprised at how helpful other people are especially if they are not in the same line of business as yourself. You can use Alexa to determine traffic to any website. It is not a hundred percent reliable but it is the best tool you have. There are other ways of generating traffic which include blogging on online forums and sending emails to your target market audience. The great thing about internet businesses is that once you have overcome the traffic battle then overheads are relatively low. You can almost get away without using any paper. Your invoices can be mailed out and any queries answered by email. Make sure you pay a little bit more per month and get the fastest internet connection. Buy a powerful computer, the largest flat screen monitor you can afford and a fast three in one printer. Add a wireless keyboard and mouse and get ready to be inundated with orders!

    Online Internet businesses need more traffic
    Search engine optimization why is seo web promotion important


    Search engine optimization is a long term that confused many internet marketers so they usually dismiss it and focus on some other area of internet marketing or the newest fad whether it is blogging, My Space, or podcasting. While it is good to diversity your marketing efforts and to pay attention to new methods, search engine marketing has been around for a long time and it is not going anywhere. The simple fact is that some estimates report 85 percent of internet users utilize search engines to find what they want on the internet. That is why you cannot ignore search engine optimization. Search engine optimization gets your site and its contents noticed by the search engines then ranked well for the keywords your target audience uses to search. The more visitors then the higher your revenue. That is a pretty simple formula for success. So what is search engine optimization? Also known as SEO, search engine optimization simply means including recommended design and content elements to your web site, blog, and/or RSS feed to make it more attractive to search engines. While the exact formulas that the top search engines use to calculate rankings are usually a closely guarded secret, there are search engine optimization experts who can point out some easy ways to optimize your site. And in fact, this optimization will only take a few minutes of your time and can achieve dramatic results after the next search engine spiders your site. However before you can really begin to work on SEO then you need to determine the most effective keywords for your target audience. Once you have those keywords then you can incorporate them into your page title, headlines, content, and alt tags. Search engine optimization is important because it is free, it is easy, it is targeted marketing, and it keeps on working even when you do not. You do not need to constantly monitor or fund SEO campaigns as they are self-sustaining once you set them into motion.

    Online Search engine optimization why is seo web promotion important
    What home business systems can do for you


    The dynamic home based entreprenuer is constantly on the lookout for anything and everything that can increase their profitability. This is as it should be. Any type of business which does not strive for excellence can soon expect to be overshadowed in our increasingly competative world by those that do. Whether you are a home business veteran or are just starting out, you need to understand what home business systems can do for you. A good home business system could hold the key to increasing your competitiveness and ensuring your profitability in the years to come. What is a home business system? Put simply, a home business system is a set-up which allows an entrepreneur to earn money from home in an efficient manner. There are a multitude of these systems available, and the one you choose will be directly related to what your interests are and to what you really want to do. The best home business systems will have a few things in common however. These characteristics will include: Simplicity. A good home business system must be easy to understand. If it is too complex, it runs the risk of not working at all. An excellent system is simple, but it isn’t simplistic. It must show clearly just how it can help the bottom line. In other words, you should be able to see how you will be making your money, how fast you will be making your money, and what you can do to make more money. Foresight. In other words, the home business system has a long-term strategy. In any business, complacency kills. When a company is no longer willing or able to innovate, it begins to lose market share. A good home business system provides for a dedicated program of research and development. It doesn’t really matter what industry you are in. You might be in computers, or you might be in discount retailing. You still need to regularly come up with good ideas and implement them, if you are to have any long-term profitability. There are two basic ways of acquiring a home business system. You can either create your own, or you can buy one. If you are starting your own home based business, you will most probably have to create one, and it will should cater to who you are as a person and what you want to accomplish. If you choose to franchise or act as a salesperson to someone else, you will probably use the system which they already have in place. In either case, it is important that you have a system to follow. It gives you direction and clarifies your goals. However, don’t get so caught up in playing “by the rules” that you forget to inject your own personal brand on your work. In short, every business needs a simply, yet dynamic system to enable it to move forward. Put this in place as you set up your business and you can help to ensure your home based business gets off to a flying start.

    Online What home business systems can do for you
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