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    What s your ebay reputation really worth


    Your eBay reputation is everything you are on eBay – without it, you’re nothing. Your reputation is worth as much as every sale you will ever make. If you’ve ever bought anything on eBay (and the chances are you have), then think about your own behaviour. Buying from a seller with a low feedback rating makes you feel a little nervous and insecure, while buying from a PowerSeller with their reputation in the thousands doesn’t require any thought or fear – it feels just like buying from a shop. A Bad Reputation Will Lose You Sales. In fact, a bad reputation will lose you almost all your sales. If someone leaves you negative feedback, you will feel the pain straight away, as that rating will go right at the top of your user page for everyone to see. Who’s going to want to do business with you when they’ve just read that you “took a month to deliver the item”, or that you had “bad communication and sent a damaged item”? The answer is no-one. Your next few items will need to be very cheap things, just to push that negative down the page. You might have to spend days or even weeks selling cheap stuff to get enough positive feedback to make anyone deal with you again. It’s even worse if you consistently let buyers leave negative feedback – once you get below 90% positive ratings, you might as well be invisible. You Can’t Just Open a New Account. Besides eBay’s rules about only having one account, there are far more downsides than that to getting a new account. You literally have to start all over again from scratch. You won’t be able to use all the different eBay features. Your existing customers won’t be able to find you any more. Your auctions will finish at a lower price because of your low feedback rating. Opening a new account is like moving to a new town to get away from a few people who are spreading rumours about you: it’s throwing out the baby with the bathwater. A Good Reputation Will Get You Sales. When a PowerSeller tells me something, I tend to believe them. They can be selling a pretty unlikely item, but if they guarantee it is what they say it is, then I trust them – they’re not going to risk their reputation, after all. This is the power of a reputation: people know you want to keep it, and they know you’ll go to almost any lengths to do so. This is true even to the point that I would sooner buy something for $20 from a seller I know I can trust than for $15 from someone with average feedback. It’s worth the extra money to feel like the seller knows what they’re doing, has all their systems in place and will get me the item quickly and efficiently. You really will find selling on eBay so much easier, and there’s only way to get a good reputation: make sure you please your customers every time. But some customers can be, well, just a little difficult to please. In the next email, we ask: is the eBay customer always right?

    Online What s your ebay reputation really worth
    Cd ripper software


    CD Ripper Software CD ripper software will open up an entirely new way of how you listen to music. With the use of CD ripping software, you can take audio tracks from a CD and them into audio files for use on your computer. You can save them as WAV, MP3, OGG, or WMA audio files. The term "ripping" is the term used to describe this very process. There are advanced CD ripper software as well, which allows you to convert back and forth between these formats. You can also get software that can record vinyl LPs and cassettes to create those same audio files for your computer. You can get a variety of ripper software programs online by searching the internet. Most software is user friendly and offers you a variety of options. You should however, do some searching and comparing before you decide which CD ripper program is best for your needs. Each type of CD ripper software will offer it's own style and interface. You should always make sure the CD ripper software you choose is easy to use and easy to understand. It doesn't matter how good the software is - if you can't use it. When you explore the options of CD ripper software, make sure you also check the software's editing abilities. With most programs, you can select the output format for the music. This will include the bitrate, channels, and even the frequency. Quality ripper programs will also tag the encoded audio files with medadata, which will contain information about the artist, song title, track number, and even the album title. This will automatically be input for the file. Another great feature with some ripper programs is the ability to delete the silence at the beginning or end of song tracks. Some programs will even give you the ability to edit the songs themselves, giving you full control of the sound provided by your files. For those who enjoy to listen to their music from a CD, a CD ripper can aso be used to select your favorite songs and create a mixed CD. Some rippers will even let you rip audio tracks directly from a CD then burn them to a new CD - without having to save them as a new audio file. With millions of people ripping CDs these days, CD ripping is the wave of the future. You no longer have to keep your music on your computer, as you can rip them to a CD or even put them in your favorite MP3 player and take the music with you - wherever you go. (word count 433)

    Online Cd ripper software
    Decorating for christmas your buying options


    Decorating for Christmas: Your Buying Options As the holiday season rolls around, many individuals start getting into the holiday spirit. One of the many ways that you may do this is by decorating your home for Christmas. If you are interested in decorating for Christmas, you will need Christmas decorations. If you have yet to purchase your Christmas decorations, do you know where you can get them? Despite what you may believe, there are actually an unlimited number of places where you can buy Christmas decorations from. When it comes to buying Christmas decorations, many individuals head to their local department store. Shopping at one of your local department stores for Christmas decorations is a great way to save time and sometimes even money. What is nice about department stores, as you likely already know, is that they carry a wide range of products. This means that you can combine your Christmas decorating shopping with your other weekly errands; thus saving you time. You will also find that most department stores have their Christmas decorations reasonably priced. While it is nice to shop for Christmas decorations at your local department store, you have a number of other options; options that you may not have considered before. One of those options is getting your Christmas decorations from one of your local dollar stores. Unfortunately, when it comes to dollar stores, many shoppers mistakenly believe that the items found inside dollar stores are poor in quality and not worth their time. The reality is that this is not always true. You can easily find a number of quality Christmas decorations, at an affordable price, at dollar stores. In addition to your local dollar store, you can also purchase Christmas decorations, for an affordable price, at one of your local discount stores. Discount stores are similar to department stores, but they often offer lower prices and are smaller in size. Like the above mentioned dollar stores, you should be able to find a number of quality, if not elegant Christmas decorations for an affordable price. The Christmas decorations that you can find at your local discount store may include, but should not be limited to, Christmas trees, Christmas tree decorations, Christmas lights, and Christmas decorations for your lawn. The above mentioned retail stores are all nice because they tend to offer a wide selection of affordable Christmas decorations. While you may be Christmas shopping on a budget, you also may not be. If you are looking for Christmas decorations based on quality, rather than price, you may want to shop at a specialty Christmas store. Depending on where you live, you should have at least one specialty Christmas shop in your area. Specialty Christmas shops are shops that deal specifically with Christmas. That is why you can often find the largest selection of Christmas decorations at one of these stores. However, as previously mentioned, you will likely find that cost of shopping at a specialty Christmas store is more than that of a department store or any of the other stores mentioned above. If you would like to have access to a wide selection of Christmas decorations, but you do not have access to a local Christmas store, you are advised to give online shopping some thought. Online, you should be able to find a collection of retailers who specialize in selling Christmas decorations, maybe even handcrafted Christmas decorations. What is nice about shopping online is that you can easily shop for a particular type of Christmas decoration or you can shop by affordably, the choice is yours to make. Perhaps, the easiest way to find Christmas decorations online is by performing a standard internet search. Christmas decorations are an important part of the holiday. That is why you are urged to decorate your home for Christmas. Whether you choose to shop online, at a specialty Christmas store, department store, discount store, or dollar store, you are sure to find the decorations that you need to bring the Christmas spirit into your home. Word Count 664

    Online Decorating for christmas your buying options
    La fitness


    LA Fitness in Perspective Nowadays, many people, particularly those that have certain kinds of diseases, start exercising for the sole purpose of losing weight. When the pounds do not drop as quickly or as completely as they would like, they get discouraged and give up. If you take away any message about exercise and certain illnesses, let it be this: Even if you do not lose weight, your investment in exercise is still paying off in reduced heart disease risk and better blood glucose control. Moreover, exercise simply makes you feel better, both physically and mentally. Your energy level will rise and the endorphins released by your brain during exercise will boost your sense of well-being. The motivating factors here is that you should never give up before you really get started. You owe it to yourself to keep going. Hence, many people have already realized the importance of employing physical fitness for the body. Moreover, with the advent of the Internet, information regarding these fitness centers is gradually dominating the Internet. Take for example LA fitness. It has its web site readily available, 24-hours a day, to anyone who wish to get some information regarding physical fitness. LA fitness is a conglomeration of different fitness centers in the United States. Since its inception in 1984, LA fitness, as the sole owner of the different fitness clubs in the U. S., has continuously operated and managed the different sports clubs in Arizona, Georgia, Florida, California, Pennsylvania, New York, Texas, Connecticut, Washington, and New Jersey. It continues to grow and expand its territory as it plans to have 135 additional fitness centers and sports clubs in the country. It aimed to operate new techniques and services for their new markets. Therefore, for people who wish to know why LA fitness always rings a bell, here are some of the reasons why it became as popular as it is today: 1mitment to service The best thing about LA fitness is that its management and staff are committed to bring forth the kind of service that their clients deserve. They provide their clients with facilities that are totally way above the rest. Best of all, they also modify and develop their existing fitness equipments in order to give their clients the needed satisfaction as far as physical fitness is concerned. 2. Fitness programs Another best thing about LA fitness is that they continue to provide their customers with the right and appropriate fitness programs that would truly drive their clients to a healthier life. They have incorporated the concepts of yoga, indoor cycling, aqua aerobics, mat pilates, and kickboxing among others. They have also employed the utilization of sports activities as part of their health and fitness programs. With their sports fitness, they also have their own tournaments and leagues, which foster camaraderie and sportsmanship among their members. In turn, these additional activities provide better alternatives to those who do not wish to be constrained on aerobic activities alone. 3. Revolutionary approach in aerobics Like any fitness centers, LA fitness has its aerobic programs as the main attraction on their program. The only difference that LA fitness makes is that they focus on utilizing revolutionary approach to their aerobics programs. This, in turn, provides their clients with a better way of losing weight and maintaining a healthy, physically fit lifestyle. Best of all LA fitness provides optimum customer satisfaction to their clients from the very start that they enter their clubs and centers. Indeed, staying healthy and maintaining a physically fit body is possible in LA fitness clubs.

    Online La fitness
    Online flower concerns


    Let me put it straight for you not to be absorbed by the number of useless words :-) There has been many articles and recommendations for choosing the right shop. This text covers the points that nobody's emphasized. 1 One reason shops. Believe me, in the growing flowers market, a florist should be at least inventive to meet the customer requirements. What do we face here on the area of x-USSR? We state that we reach difficult areas and that's true. We’ve been reaching them for at least 5 years + Don't you think that this'd become a regular thing here. You’ll be completely right if you think this way. We can reach difficult and urban areas of Russia, FSU - this is the peculiarities of the market but we can do much more. With the relatively stable economic situation and the so-called growth we can and do suggest more service and better quality. Actually we keep struggling for the variety and beauty :-) So, if a shop states the only thing "we deliver to ALL places in Russia, FSU" as the only or main reason for ordering - think "they are outdated" 2 One choice shops. Following the previous abstract I can recommend to "be inventive" Ask more and be choosy. The Russian floral school is developing day by day. Professionals are ready to suggest arrangements that are not just simple roses in the artificial packing but more exclusive floral works. There is a solution for choosy customers even for difficult destinations. So, if you see limited arrangements suggestion with few mixed bouquets - think "they'll finally deliver a bouquet that will look differently, contains different flowers (so-called mixed bouquet of seasoned flowers - what is this?) and of any colour that is left in stock of the local florist) – they are inconcrete because they work on terms suggested by others. 3 One bouquet shops. Most of florists never make any site updates suggesting new arrangements for the delivery. So, you have little chances to send something new if you are a regular customer. Time to think "if I finally order with them and they give me a discount (as most of florists really set discounts) what would I do with the discount if I don't have anything new to order?” – they are stagnant 4 One alternative Don't be scared to order different than roses arrangement. Believe me a nice flowers mix with lilies or gerberas, other flowers with natural arrangement, floral accessories etc will be much desired as for the creativity that could easily compete with the beautiful freshness of non-arranged roses. Also, think that most shops suggest "dozen red roses" of the medium length that is usually not stated in the description. The red colour that also can be called "puple, vinous etc" So, always keep in mind that there is always an alternative to roses ordering that requires contacting the management, checking "the length, the colour and the roses supplier - for example Dutch or Ecuador" There is no wonder that most shops deliver Ecuador roses at price of Dutch. 5 Same day delivery propaganda. Let me explain this, only few USA and international networks deal directly with local florists in the destination cities. To be honest only few large shops develop their networks establishing direct contract partnerships on places. So, just think that there are at least 2 but usually 3-4 mediators between you and the addressee. This surely should cause delays and sometimes confusion. That's why most pf shops can't say clearly whether the order has been delivered as the information could be lost while transferring from mediator to mediator. This could be excused for the reputable flower shops that keep fighting for the price reduce and developing the direct partnership network. But most shops are simply lazy to do that, they keep on advertising "catching" unaware customers and state that they are local florists network while they are not. I keep finding our flower arrangements at different sites at prices twice more than we suggest. If you want names, contact me directly. So, they keep stealing pictures of flowers from the site and suggest same goods at higher prices. So, ordering at most of site think that "I deal with mediators and I'm ready to pay double price for the pleasure to shop here" 6 Scammers, scammer, fraud, guarantees? And this well-known story with scammers and address verification… We've suggested this service solely because we had nothing to do about that. Our customers sometimes get trapped with the scammers that are numerous online. As most of them are honorable men they trust ladies and try to brighten their days with flowers. The scammers provide fake addresses and we just have to deal with this fact. Now think that one-day shops say that the delivery is carried out at the address provide by scammers and a customer has no means to check the information. As there is double lie, first the scammer, then the shop. You can ask what to do? Actually nothing, this is the case of reputation of the shop. We've had some problems in past with some customers who were sure that the address was valid. They tried to reassure us that they'd ordered at the address before and the delivery was a success. So, the only means for proving the previous “successful delivery” fraud is our reputation and the number of constant customers. Just imagine that commercially there is no benefit for the shop to refund money for the order placed at the fake address, this is a headache most of times. Moreover the address verification takes the administrators away from the debug process. So, first we spend time, money, efforts, take the responsibility for informing a customer of the fake data and this is solely for maintaining the reputation. Of course it's much easier to "complete" the order at the fake address and forget about it. At least check whether the site lists the scammers addresses for the customers’ convenience. A funny fact: Some customers decide to send flowers only because they need address verification. But this is ok, as soon as we can be of any help. Trust is a valuable thing. So, while ordering at unknown place think: “I do not require any guarantees cause it’s useless, I realize the possibility to be scammed” 7 Targeting and healthy environment! In the conclusion. It's difficult to reveal the trustworthiness and the quality of services at a glance. Though don't ignore the impression that a shop is transferring though the Internet: how it welcomes you, how they accompany you on the whole way of ordering. This is important as you should feel the main and foremost idea. As you might guess this idea is not just making money but make people separated by small and large distances satisfied or even happy. This could always be noticed. If the shop is ambitious, "healthy", meaning good for themselves and people they work for, oriented on general idea of customer satisfaction then…This is your guarantee that people collected under the particular brand will treat your order as personal thing. This promises the delivery of flowers along with your feelings, emotions or intentions invested.

    Online Online flower concerns
    Audiobooks are a thing of the past


    In fact, audiobooks have been available for decades. Becoming more popular in the 60's as books on tape, and more recently as books on CD. Audiobooks can be played on any desktop or laptop device. With popularity of portable music players such as the iPod and MP3 Player, audio books are more accessible to people for portable listening. Audiobooks are economical, often less expensive than a hard cover book. Studies show that listening to a recording can enrich your knowledge just as if you were reading a book. Educational audiobooks have the same content as written books. This helps the person to learn words they may not learn correctly if they were to just read the book. Audiobooks are available in abridged and unabridged versions. Unabridged audio books are word for word readings of a book, while abridged audio books have text edited out by the abridger. Getting a book published in audio is just as difficult, if not more difficult, as getting a book published in print. Most new popular titles put out by the major publishers are available in audiobook format simultaneously with publication of the hardcover edition. As the audiobook industry gains popularity, the availability of titles will increase. You may like to listen to fiction and nonfiction best sellers, how-to books, biographies, children books and so on... while doing boring or repetitive tasks. Listening to motivational audiobooks while exercising has become very popular. Some of the most popular are books narrated by the authors themselves such as The South Beach Diet narrated by Dr Agaston. Publishers hold the copyright to the content of each audiobook and audiobooks may not be reproduced (just like printed books) as it is considered copyright infringement. Audiobooks enable busy individuals to multi-task and still enjoy some of their favorite literary works. Audiobooks are not intended to replace its paperback and hard book counterparts, but it is definitely a good solution for the times when you simply can't afford to take time off to finish reading a book. So while audiobooks may be from the past, they are certainly the new wave of the future!

    Online Audiobooks are a thing of the past
    A new program to assist first time homebuyers


    Studies show the dream of homeownership is becoming a reality for a growing number of Americans. For example, according to the 2005 Harvard Joint Center for Housing Studies State of the Nation's Housing Report, minorities are making inroads into all housing market segments across the United States. This trend is expected to continue with minorities making up a growing share of the homeowner population with each successive generation. The study reveals that nearly 35 percent of all first-time homebuyers are minorities and more than 40 percent of all renters are minorities-these could be or will be the homeowners of the future. Companies in the housing and mortgage industries are taking notice of this trend and are making efforts to meet the needs of today's prospective homebuyers. "Mortgage lenders need to have people who reflect the communities they serve located in the neighborhoods that we want to serve if we want to inspire people to become first-time homeowners," said Jackson Cosey, senior vice president of Emerging Markets for Wells Fargo Home Mortgage. For instance, Wells Fargo recently introduced a program designed to help serve consumers with down payment difficulties or lack of traditional credit history by helping them qualify for loans they can afford. Called the Home OpportunitiesSM program, it includes qualifying debt-to-income ratios that address the growing reality that homeowners need to spend a greater percentage of their income on housing. Also, it provides for nontraditional credit references that enable consumers who do not have traditional or lengthy credit histories to qualify for the program. In addition, flexibility on down payments and closing costs allows customers to purchase a home without a down payment. "Home-financing options such as this program will allow more people including first-time homebuyers and low - to moderate - income borrowers to do something they have only dreamed about: owning a home," added Cosey.

    Online A new program to assist first time homebuyers
    Los angeles lakers basketball team history


    The franchise for the Lakers was first started in Detroit before it was moved to Minneapolis. That is when the team received the famous title that they are known for and which the state is nicknamed - Land of the 10,000 Lakes. The infamous team won 5 different league championships before the were than moved to Los Angeles. The Lakers team was first created back in 1944 when Morris Chalfen and Ben Berger decided that they were going to purchase the Detroit Gems (a part of the National Basketball League) for a total of $15. Because the Gems had the worst record of all the teams in the NBL - the Lakers were able to be the first to pick out the players they needed from the 1947 dispersal draft from the Professional Basketball League of America. From this draft they chose George Mikan who later in life became one of the basketball’s greatest center. With the help of coach John Kundla the Lakers team was able to the NBL championship during the ‘47-’48 season. It was during this time that they were selected along with three other teams to compete in the Basketball Association of America. From this they won the ‘48-’49 BAA championship. George Mikan wasn’t the only player that would help to bring greatness to the Lakers. Vern Mikkelsen, Slater Martin, Jim Pollard, and Clyde Lovellette all played big roles and together with George Mikan they all reached the NBA Hall of Fame during the years of 1949, 1950, 1952, 1953, and 1954. When the team moved to Los Angeles in 1960 their game only got better. It was than that Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, and Gail Goodrich all made their way into the Hall of Fame also. Even with this success the Lakers they always seemed to be thwarted by one team - the Boston Celtics. They went up against this team six times and each time they lost the championship. It wasn’t until the late 1970’s, early 1980’s that they would finally take the championship away from the Boston Celtics and become the most dominant team in the NBA. Fans were sure that the Lakers would finally secure their win against the Celtics in 1972 when Bill Sharman had taken charge of the team. Sharman was one of the best coach (he won Coach of the Year award) and together with his best player - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - the team seemed unstoppable. Yet, the Lakers were still unable to win a championship. That is until Earvin “Magic” Johnson joined the team. In 1979 Johnson (who at the time was only a rookie) had to take over for the injured Abdul-Jabbar and made an amazing 42 points, 7 assists, and 15 rebounds to secure the championship. Under Coach Pat Riley the Lakers were able to head to the championship finals eight times during the 1980's. They won 5 of those championships out of 8. Even though they were able to make it once again to the championship finals in 1991 they spent most of the 1990’s playing against teams that most did not consider to be legitimate title contenders. Things started to look up for them in 1996 when they signed on the rookie from the Charlotte Hornets - Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O’Neal.

    Online Los angeles lakers basketball team history
    Your new year resolution make it big and strong


    A growing number of men are turning to testosterone supplements to maintain energy levels as they age. The male enhancement supplements can be synthetic or herbal. It contains the perfect blend of potent ingredients to help increase the blood flow to the penis. The recommend duration of taking the male enhancement supplements is minimum 3 months for maximum effectiveness. The Natural Male Enhancement supplements and formulated products give the additional benefits because of the natural ingredients which are used, and these ingredients play a dual role in improving sexuality and virility. They share some of the same benefits of Viagra, but they are in a league of their own. The popularity of these pharmaceuticals has spawned a whole new line of natural male enhancement products. Our male enhancement supplements are designed using a specific blend of herbal nutritents to provide optimal blood flow to the genital region. However we know that penis pills when combined with natural penis enhancement techniques can significantly enhance your penis. You will come across hundreds of websites offering information and even products that claim to help you to stay hard but do they really. And they are among the hottest-selling products in the $26 billion herbal supplement -- or as the makers call them, nutraceutical -- industry. In the meantime, men who have heart disease and are taking cardiac drugs should avoid these products. Because our pills provides more blood flow to the penis, your penis 'hangs' larger all day. If you're like most men, you've probably already tried one or many of the penis enlargement pills and patches on the market today. The ingredients in the Natural Gain Plus Enhancement pills are taken from nature, and these assure that you can increase the size, volume and thereby the much talked about sexual pleasure. Join thousands of satisfied customers and experience for yourself the proven benefits of Natural Gain Plus. For a number of reasons, men can experience a decrease in natural blood flow during arousal that can lead to difficulties in getting and maintaining erections. Most men have complaints related to sexual satisfaction (a desire for longer-lasting erections or more stamina, for example) versus a physical dysfunction like premature ejaculation or the inability to get an erection and maintain it for his partner's sexual pleasure. I used to not last very long and my erections were not very hard, but with this product I last longer and please the woman I'm with (which increases my confidence). My erections are much, much harder and also much thicker. Male enhancement supplements work increase the amount of blood flow the genital region receives and the volume of blood that it can retain. Natural Gain Plus is the most powerful natural male enhancement pill available anywhere in the world. It is made from all natural products and the product site does not report any side effects from taking Natural Gain Plus. Natural Gain Plus is specially formulated just for men, and contains a special blend of nutrients that can stimulate circulation to the penis as well as balance the body's natural hormones and relax the mind. Maca is considered by top researchers to be a true adaptogen. Maca is consumed as food for humans and livestock, suggesting any risk from consumption is rather minimal. I asked Antonio if he used these plants himself. He smiled again. "Sometimes. After all, I've been married to the same woman for 43 years."

    Online Your new year resolution make it big and strong
    Almeza multiset leader in unattended installation windows and software


    Interview for the Krasny Software computer magazine: The Almeza Company has developed several quite interesting programs. Its flagship product is the automatic Windows and software installer - Almeza MultiSet. That's what we will talk about. Ivan Abramovsky, the CEO of the Almeza Company, answers the questions. Q: What tasks does your program solve? A: First of all, Almeza MultiSet has been developed to solve the task of the automatic installation of Windows together with a set of necessary software. MultiSet can create a bootable installation disk that automatically installs Windows, service packs, necessary drivers and any other software (video codecs, file managers, players... anything) plus it can configure all software and tune Windows (all custom settings in the operating system) Q: What are the main features of the program? A: 1) Automatic Windows installation 2) Automatic installation of any software 3) Creating a bootable disk for automatic Windows and software installation 4) Automatically restoring software settings and tuning Windows 5) Remote automatic installation. For example, it is possible to automatically install software via the local area network. We should also mention the features of the program that won it users' admiration: - Convenient Wizards. Automatic installation disks are created with the help of convenient wizards. - Ease of use. The program does not require any special knowledge (i. e. it has no special script language, complicated settings), everything is as easy as possible. - Processing all installation procedures correctly: restarting the computer during automatic installation, entering registration keys, entering usernames and other parameters; processing nonstandard exception situations in an adequate manner. Q: And what unique features does the program have? A: - Ease of creating an automatic installation disk. Minimum time is required to get the disk ready. - Unique algorithm. The unique algorithm makes automatic installation as fast as possible. - Creating the automatic Windows installation disk and installing service packs, drivers, registry keys and any other software right after that. It is also possible to enable automatic configuration for software and Windows. Q: What benefits do your users get? A: First of all, some statistics. Let's calculate: Windows installation + driver installation + service packs + necessary software + restoring old software settings + general OS configuration - on average, an experienced system administrator spends more than 200 hours a year on all that (25 8-hour business days); a regular user spends more than 90 hours a year (11 8-hour business days). Almeza MultiSet needs not more than 45 minutes to install Windows and necessary software. At the same time, human attendance is not required because installation is fully automatic. All in all, Almeza MultiSet will save more than 20 business days a year for a system administrator and more than 11 days a year for a regular user. Second, Almeza MultiSet creates bootable disks for the automatic installation of Windows and a set of necessary software, drivers, service packs. This disk can be used to reanimate the computer. MultiSet is a turnkey solution = insert the disk and the new operating system, drivers, service packs and any other necessary software will be installed on the computer and you can configure the operating system and the software at once. And third, Almeza MultiSet restores the system without losing the current data! Unlike in case of cloning image disks. Q: Who are your customers, what is the target group of your product? A: Our users are people who value and save their time, people who are used to giving routine work to computers. By automating the process of restoring and configuring the computer, MultiSet helps our customers save time. Mostly, our customers are: - administrators (system administrator, network administrators) - computer first aid services - customer technical support services - individual users - educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities) - companies possessing a large number of computers. Q: How is the product doing at the moment? A: Currently, thousands of people use Almeza MultiSet in more than 60 countries: the USA, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, Austria, Argentine, Belgium, Turkey, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Jordan... The product is being constantly developed and improved, we extensively cooperate with our users and it allows us to know their needs. At the moment we are working on the next version of the program where we will implement new features and fix existing drawbacks. Web: almeza/ Download: almeza/download/multiset. exe

    Online Almeza multiset leader in unattended installation windows and software
    Quelling your investment fear


    : Investing can be dangerous yet profitable endeavor. Many people have been burnt and decide not to ever invest again. This is the primary fear for investing in anything. They may give you excuse such as 'I don't have enough money' or 'I don't know where to invest'. But the number one fear is always the fear of losing money. If a novice investor knows that he won't lose money, he must have used all means necessary (such as loan) to buy as much investment opportunity possible. Investing here can mean a lot of things from buying gold coin to real estate. However, common stock is the most popular form of investing since more than 50% of the US household invest in it. There are several ways of how to reduce your fear of investing in common stock. Get Educated. When you know more about something, you are more certain of your outcome. When you know how to calculate the fair value of a common stock, you will know your expected return of investment. Remember that the less uncertainty you have, the less risk you undertake. You will also know more about the downside risk of your investment.

    If a common stock has $ 3 per share of positive net cash, is profitable and is currently trading at $ 5 per share, then you know that it won't trade at below $ 3 per share for a long period of time. Your maximum possible risk here is 40% of your original investment. Start Small. When you begin your investing journey, you have a lot of unknowns.

    Less education means more unknown which means greater risk. How small should you start? As much money that you can afford to lose.

    If you still have no idea, then how about $ 1 a day? One dollar a day will give you $ 500,000 after fifty years of investing with 10.5 % return. Even if you have $ 500,000 right now, it is better for you to start small if you are a novice investor. Pay Yourself First. By this, it does not mean that investors use their money to buy unnecessary stuff. Pay Yourself First means that you find investment that can pay you first as investors.

    What investment can pay you first? One thing that comes to mind is buying a common stock that historically has a steady or increasing dividends. There are one more way to pay yourself first by selling covered call options. For novice investors, however, I suggest we put this subject off until you get really really comfortable with investing in common stock. Learn From Your Mistake. Once you begin investing, the fear of losing money is always there.

    The best way to learn is from your own mistake. But to hasten your learning curve, we have compiled a list of 15 common investing pitfalls that is frequently committed by novice investors. Will you be fear-free after reading this column? The answer is no. Fear is always there because of uncertainty. Successful investing is about predicting the future which is uncertain.

    Even investing in your money-market account is uncertain. It involves some small risk. The risk might be inflation being higher than the interest rate offered. There is also uncertainty regarding the direction of interest rate. Interest rate used to be in the high single digits during the 1980s.

    Look where it is now. We live in uncertain world. Instead of hiding behind the wall, we need to embrace it and educate ourselves to reduce the uncertainty. Doing this will in effect increase our investment return beyond the rate of inflation.

    Online Quelling your investment fear
    Vehicle emergencies and the role of a led emergency light


    When you are navigating the roadways, it’s important to remember that anything can happen to you and your vehicle at any time. Your vehicle could breakdown, you could get a flat tire, you could be in an accident or you may come across one. When any of these events happen to you, it helps if you are prepared. One of the ways that you can be prepared for any eventuality is to have an emergency kit in your vehicle. You can purchase them at a hardware or outdoors store – a compact emergency kit that fits nicely into your vehicle without being in the way. They usually contain candles, an emergency blanket, flares, road cones, waterproof matches, and a flashlight or emergency light source. There are, of course, many uses for a flashlight or emergency light sources in your vehicle, especially if you are in a collision, have a flat tire, or if your vehicle breaks down. Where any light source will come in handy, most experts recommend having a LED flashlight or light source in your car because of they have a longer battery and bulb light than traditional flashlights, have a brighter, further-reaching light beam, and come in smaller, compact forms that are easier to carry in your car. For a vehicle breakdown, a flashlight or emergency light source can help you: • Flag down traffic for assistance • Keep your vehicle visible if you have no working lights. You can use the flashlight to act as a taillight. This will allow oncoming traffic to see you and be able to get out of the way and avoid hitting you. • Act as a flashing signal light – many of the emergency light sources have a flashing light on them as well that can act like hazard lights on your vehicle, once again alerting other drivers of your whereabouts. • See what’s wrong with your vehicle. If you have no power, you may be able to fix it yourself, but it’s quite difficult to do on a dark road at night with no light. A flashlight or emergency light source can help you look into the problem with your vehicle and maybe even aid you in making the repairs. • Help you fix a flat tire – while the flashlight won’t be able to loosen those lug nuts for you, it can certainly shed some light on the situation. Also, because you will be crouching and sitting on the side of the road, other motorists may not see you. Having a flashlight or emergency light source will alert other drivers that you are also on the roadway and increase your safety while you are changing the tire. In the event that you are in an accident, a flashlight can come in handy for many reasons. It can help to survey the damage of your vehicle or the other vehicle or vehicles involved in the collision. You can also use it to flag down other vehicles and warn them of your presence on the roadway. In some cases, you may also need to navigate uncertain terrain, such as a field, either to get to a collision scene to help, or escape from one. A flashlight can help light your path and avoid falling, tripping and other injuries that walking over uneven terrain could cause. Flashlights and emergency light sources are very helpful for many reasons – and having one in your vehicle, that is reliable and works, is important. You never know when you’re going to need a flashlight or emergency light source. ~Ben Anton, 2008

    Online Vehicle emergencies and the role of a led emergency light
    Isp streaming video from internet


    ISP Streaming Video from Internet Internet Service Providers, or ISP companies, are able to offer individuals a number of different things when it comes to their internet. Sometimes, these websites are better for hosting different types of videos, since a faster connection will allow faster downloads and more consistent streaming. When it comes to ISP streaming video from internet servers, there are a number of important things that individuals will need to keep in mind. First of all, a person will want to choose an internet service provider that is reliable. This is important because no matter how fast the connection is, if it keeps cutting out an individual will not be able to upload or download what they want to accomplish. It is also important that the individual know if there are any restrictions when it comes to their connection. Sometimes there is a restriction on the amount that can be downloaded or streamed at once. When it comes to an ISP streaming video from internet servers, it is very important that if the individual notices anything slow of unnerving about the process that they talk to their ISP in case there is any type of problem. If an individual is wondering what type of ISP streaming video from internet servers are available, the genres are virtually limitless. For some people, the draw will be the fact that there are news videos available. For others, it will be the highlights from sports games and races or fights. And still others will be curious about the ever expanding world of porn on the internet. There are a number of free adult entertainment videos that are available on the internet for individuals that are of age to access. This can vary from place to place and while controls can be put on the computer in order to block certain sites, it will also be important that there are discussions that take place in order to determine what, if anything, will be blocked, this way if anyone ever can’t access something they know why. Searching for any types of streaming video from the internet is not very difficult. All an individual needs to do is access the search engine of any web browser. From here it is very easy to type in what they want to look for, and to also type in the world free. This will be important if the individual does not want to pay for the video out of pocket. Websites are not paid for by the ISP, so any time that an individual goes to a website and has to pay to see a video, this will be in addition to the internet bill that the individual receives from the internet service provider and they will have to be paid separately. The individual does not need to think they will be reimbursed by their ISP, because this will not happen. Videos can be free if the right resources are used, but if they are not than the individuals need to be aware of what they are getting into.

    Online Isp streaming video from internet
    Protecting your website from online thieves part 1


    Why people steal Publishing online is very easy for anyone to do; it's also very easy for others to steal. As the web expands in size, so do the number of thieves. Online thieves steal anything from a single image or a paragraph of content to an entire web site. Every web site is vulnerable. If you have a web site, chances are you will come across another Web site showing your original work and passing it off as its own. Our entire web site has been hijacked by other companies several times this past year. The online thieves included a high-ranking Chamber of Commerce member and a church pastor. Excuses, excuses Rationalizations online thieves offer for stealing include: 1. "I won't get caught - the web is too big." 2. "OK, I got caught. But you can't really do anything to me. Copyrights on the web are impossible to enforce." 3. "Everybody's doing it." 4. "It doesn't really hurt anybody." Online thievery can be extremely damaging. The damage doesn't just come from the online thieves taking credit for your work - and taking potential prospects away from you. You could wind up being sued by your own clients or associates. The reason? Some parties might have clauses stipulating that if the work they commission or license to you is shown without authorization on another site - especially an objectionable one - and you failed to exercise precautionary measures against copyright infringement, you can be held liable. The good news Copyright protection online is accessible, affordable and just as enforceable as traditional media. UK copyright law states that electronic files - including web files - are copyrighted the moment they're put into a tangible form, even if they're not on display to the general public. Protected web files may include the site's content, code, scripting, graphic images, sound and video files, to name a few. Legitimate ISP's and web hosts now have their own copyright infringement guidelines, and they work with copyright holders to remove stolen materials from their web space, even to terminate the thief's web account. But the web site owner must do the work. No one should expect others to protect your web site. It's still up to the owner to gather proof that he/she owns the copyrights, search the thieves out, and take swift action against them. To help you prepare, see Prevention Cures Copyright and Act Now for Your Copyright for a complete guide to protecting your web files and how to successfully handle an online copyright dispute.

    Online Protecting your website from online thieves part 1
    Web hosting defining the office space


    The web hosting solution for a home-based business will likely be radically different from the needs of a large ecommerce site. The use of a web host is essentially the cyber-office lease for your Internet business. The web hosting solution houses the files you will need to upload and can store you online company data. There are three primary web-hosting solutions and each one is designed to accommodate a specific need. This article will take a look at these three solutions and what type of business may require each solution. Co-Located Server Hosting We will start with the most comprehensive solution first. This type of web hosting is in-house and will typically cost the most. You will need to purchase one or more server specifically for your company use. This server will need to be monitored and will likely require an in-house Internet Technician (IT). This solution works for larger companies with either lots of data to store or who want to be able to work on any solution regarding their web hosting immediately. Dedicated Hosting This plays a similar role to the co-located server hosting option in that you have your own server taking care of your online data. In this case, however, the server is located off-site and is maintained by a third party. Middle to large sized firms would likely use this option to maintain the highest possibility of uptime without the need for an in-house IT. Shared Hosting This is the most cost effective method of hosting and takes care of the majority of personal and small businesses sites. Most Shared Hosting options are less than $100 per month (often much less). Many of these same services are adaptable to allow for ecommerce solutions. There are other options in web hosting solutions, but they typically fall into these three categories. Obviously the Co-Located Server Hosting option will be the most costly and labor-intensive solution, but it will be the best solution for the large business managing hundreds and thousands of transactions online. The Dedicated Hosting option may be a good fit when a growing company needs a high ceiling for data as well as the comfort of knowing their fate isn’t tied to a server with multiple accounts. The Shared Hosting solution is perfect for a business startup because it provides a cost effective way to get online without breaking the bank. Some Shared Hosting solutions provide the tools to allow their customers to develop their own ecommerce sites through template rich designs. Remember, just because the server is shared with others doesn’t make it a bad solution. To say otherwise would be to say an office building is bad because it contains more than one office.

    Online Web hosting defining the office space
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