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    Fat bottomed pixels they make the rockin world go round


    You know what a pixel is or a least you think you do. In reality it is something that you totally take for granted as the basic unit of the images that have literally invaded life in the last 15-20 years. Pixels are used generically for many, many different concepts that all have one thing in common and that is some sort of image. You could be talking about the dot in a printed image, or the cell of a lcd screen, or simply the resolution that a display is capable of displaying, or more technically the binary code that a computer uses to store an image file. The computer revolution has lead to huge advances and has taken computer graphics much closer to the true representation of objects in life that we see with our eyes. This is most apparent in the areas of video games and digital photography. When someone is referring to pixels as in the code that a computer uses to store the image digitally it may be more helpful to refer to them as texels. So how can such complex information be stored into a computer and understood in binary, that is a series of ones and zeros? Well I am going to attempt in the next one and one half paragraphs to give you a whirlwind explanation. So we will start with black and white. Here each number in binary code refers to an intensity of the pixel. Therefore all eight zeros in a eight bit image construct which equals zeros would represent black or in other words no intensity. On the other hand all 1’s which would equal 255 in binary would represent white or maximum intensity. In color the numbers represent the intensities of three colors – red, green, and blue (rgb format). The amount of colors in a palette depends on the amount of bits per pixel (bpp) in the image. In eight bpp (two bits for red, three for green, and 2 for blue) there can be two to the power of 8 colors or 256 colors. In 16 bpp there are greater than 60,000 possible colors to choose from. Pixels are amazing aren’t they. What you want to know is what this all has to do with internet marketing, so here is the deal. Pixels can also be used to describe space in an add. There are scripts that can automate the production of an add that contains the images of the different companies and if the pixel is clicked on the user is taken to the sales page for that company. The pixels are sold in 100 pixel blocks and this type of advertising has become huge since a student made a million bucks with one page by selling space like this. There are tools that can automate this process and you too could get in on this amazing money-making opportunity!

    Online Fat bottomed pixels they make the rockin world go round
    Stress and congestive heart failure a deadly combination


    Stress is a formidable force in the lives of many people in this world today. While stress may not seem to permanently affect people, it is a very serious cause and/or aggravation to medical conditions a person has. First, it is important to discuss what the true definition of stress is. If asked, the average person on the street might say that stress is anything that causes worry to one’s life. They might give examples like arguing with a spouse, financial problems, or children’s bad behavior. While these are examples of one kind of stress, stress is also much more. By definition, stress is the body’s reaction to change that requires any kind of change or response. Besides emotional and mental reactions to these changes, the body experiences physical responses as well. Stress is a very normal part of life and depending on how one reacts to it, can be positive or negative. While this is true, many people let stress affect them negatively. The human body is capable of experiencing stress and reacting to it. A way that stress can be positive is to keep people on their toes and ready for anything. However, if stress is taken the wrong way, it becomes negative. One way that stress can become a negative influence on a life is if a person begins to go through continuous challenges that prove stressful and has no respite from these challenges. While a human being is emotionally capable of handling stress, seemingly endless tests of our strength may discourage a person and start affecting their health in a negative manner such as the person becoming over-worked or extremely tense. This type of unrelenting and continuous stress can be very destructive. This can lead to a condition called distress, a negative reaction to stress. Such physical symptoms that can ensue with distress are headaches, upset stomach, insomnia, high blood pressure, and chest pain, just to name a few. Medical studies show that it is possible that stress can cause or worsen symptoms of diseases. If stress is not reacted to in a calm and rational manner, it can definitely be a force to be reckoned with. The statistics of how many people are vulnerable to the negative effects of stress are surprising. Forty-three percent of adults suffer from adverse health effects in connection with stress. Surprisingly, people do take their sufferings to the doctor, because 75-90% of doctors’ visits are related to symptoms and ailments of stress. Not only is stress a danger on a personal level, but the Occupational Safety and Health Administration has declared stress a true hazard of the workplace. Not only does it cost the employee money, but American industry loses $300 billion annually due to stress. The existence and or lifetime continuation of emotional issues is greater than 50% due to unresolved stress issues. Stress can also make diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, and heart disease worse. Congestive Heart Failure (CHF), in short, is a condition of the heart when the heart does not have the capability to pump blood properly. This condition is caused in large part by unhealthy diet, unhealthy lifestyle, and heredity, among other things. This serious and life-threatening disease is exacerbated by the existence of stress in the life of someone diagnosed with it. If stress has such an effect on otherwise healthy adults, imagine the incredible emotional, mental, and worst of all, physical consequences of stress on someone lacking complete functionality of his or her heart. Stress can make a huge difference in the longevity of the life of a person with CHF. It is so very important to minimize situations that are inductive to stress so that the quality of life is tolerable for the patient. Being diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure, an incurable disease, is difficult enough without adding the pressures of excessive stress into his or her life.

    Online Stress and congestive heart failure a deadly combination
    Hats mens hats straw hats caps fitted hats summer hats leather caps



    Hats Plus Ltd.
    The recent years saw a stock a huge selection of mens hats from hats-plus following and demand for head gear. Fitted hats, straw hats, mens hats, hats, leather hats, summer hats, dobbs caps and some other Style & fashion scene suit your life style. Have found their places on models, celebrities, and regular guy’s heads.
    Summer Hats
    The new and updated Style & Fashion, still the most popular hats style is the fitted hats. From Bailey Hats to baseball hats, fitted hats were and are the hottest head gear trend until now. This popular trend however hats have a downside. These hats must fit your head perfectly to look and feel well. These hats take a long time to fit heads properly. Also, it is deemed that older looking caps look better. As not all people are willing to endure long periods of "fitted hats".
    Fitted Hats
    If your hat is made of wool as most straw hats, mens hats, fitted hats, hats for baseball, and other all type of sports hats. Wool shrinks when washed hat with hot water, but don't wash your hat just yet because it might cause the color to run. Instead, wet it with hats or warm water and wear it. Hats are it on a round-shaped object like a bowl or a ball similar to your head all sizes. If you don't want to risk the color of your fitted hats, hat shrinking can be done using another method. Cutting out the mesh in the inside of your hat and taking out the board will shrink your hat significantly.
    Leather Caps
    Hats-Plus made specifically for sun protection -- summer hats such as the summer straw hats, the summer fitted hats -- have been around for years, were created to protect the head and facial area from the sun. Wearing a hat has now become an investment in our future well-being. For more valuable information on fitted hats please visit hats-plus
    Mens Hats Straw Hats Fitted Hats Hats Summer Hats Leather Hats
    Contact Us: Hats Plus 4706 WestIrving Park RD Chicago, IL60641-2701 Phone: 773286-5577 Fax: 773725-7011 Toll Free:1-877-428-7863 Email: [email protected]

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    Texas holdem 4 betting structures explained


    : Even though the United States have made it illegal to gamble online, poker keeps on gaining popularity through the different tournaments that are shown on television such as the World Series of Poker by ESPN. This created a problematic situation: while players claim that poker is not a game of chance, the US government decided that it is. For a few weeks, panic erupted in the poker world as rumors spread like bushfires that this ban would stop all tournaments. But this proved to be untrue. In fact, because of the online gambling ban, the popularity of tournaments only increased. And in most of these tournaments, the favored game is Texas Holdem. This article focuses on those planning to take what was once their online casino pastime to a poker tournament close by. You will need to follow some basic betting structures, and we describe these for you. Even if they seem difficult to follow, don't worry. Just practice these at home with friends and you will soon learn the flow of these wagering structures. Note: Remember that all the games rely on a basic maximum and minimum wager, and all the betting structures should be understood accordingly. Keep in mind that each game has a set limit that is fixed before the game commences. Once begun, the limit remains unchanged until the end. Note also that the tournament organizers or the casinos are those that decide these limits. 1) Structured Wagering Limit: This means that there are two limits you play to. During the first two rounds, you place wagers according to the lower sum, and then you start betting according to the higher amount set. When you find a game called according to two amounts such as 4/8 dollar limit, then, it means that this game will be played according to the structured wager. Another thing to remember when entering such poker games is that you can only place four wagers each round and not one more. 2) Spread Limit Wager: Here, you are free to place wagers in a pre-set range and you don't have to place fixed bets. When you find that the limit is within a range then it means that you have found a game that will be played according to the spread limit. Examples are games which can be played between a range of twenty to a hundred dollars. Note that such games do turn out to be expensive because some might bet according to the high limit. Another variation of the spread limit bet is to have a range of four wagers. What this means is that there is a certain amount you can bet for the round before the flop, for the round on the flop, and on the round after the flop and a certain amount for the river. 3) Basic Pot Limit Bet: In such Texas Holdem games labeled as being played according to the basic pot limit, what it means is that you can place wagers anywhere between the amount that is the big blind and the total size of the game pot. Here too, take note that games such as these can result in high cash pots. 4) No Limit Betting: This is the one version that pulls in the high rollers from all over. Here, there is not limit at all one how much you wager or raise. Note that unless you are a high-roller or unless you have a tremendous amount of experience playing Texas Holdem at tournaments, stay clear of such games.

    Online Texas holdem 4 betting structures explained
    National budget


    National Budget When the Senators, Congress people, and President all gather around to start discussing issues of the budget, many people get worried. One of the biggest worries is that taxes will rise, and there will still be a deficit. This worry is fueled each year, because as the inflation rate rises, the money must come from somewhere to fund everything that is necessary for the government to function. Some are questioning how rational some of the spending is however. Many departments could use a serious slim down, while other departments desperately need more money. While the defense of the nation is very important, many question why schools and education are not given a larger portion of the budget so that proper job training can be administered. This would enable students to graduate with a better understanding of the career world into more graduate-centric employment opportunities, such as those within the services sector. Funding the budget is obviously never easy, but with taxes getting higher each year, there is nothing being done to increase the minimum wage at the national level. Many citizens are left to stress over how they can possibly continue to pay their tax bill each year, still have enough money to live, and be able to take care of their families. The budget crunch that many families face every day is very similar to the task of the politicians in dealing with the national budget, except it is the people on the front line facing the toughest decisions and fighting their daily battle. Each year the department heads all gather together to bring their budget requests in. They come with ideas of improving their departments and asking for more money. The idea is that other departments can have some items cut from their expenses. This is a decent concept, however dollar for dollar the government really does not do a good job of managing money very well. Given that there are so many conflicting interests and political pressures, it is difficult to understand the logic behind some of the decisions made in relation to the budget. If a business managed money the same way the government does, they would have gone bankrupt many years ago and been forced out of business, with the directors prosecuted for wrongful trading. This is directly the result of much wasted spending that is sliding into the budget each year. NASA, for example has spent thousands, upon thousands of dollars developing a pen that will write in space. The idea of a pencil never crossed their minds. The money spent developing a pen that is rarely used could have been better spent in training teachers so that students were receiving the education and materials they need. Arguably, the idea of funding space exploration at a time when there is a budget deficit is also irrational; surely this money would be better spent elsewhere until we manage to pull ourselves from the red? There are numerous cases and examples of money wasted throughout our public sector. There are also just as many examples of departments forced to cut corners and skip necessary tasks, needs and maintenance, or putting essential work back until the next budget is announced, because it is not in the budget at a price they can afford. There is always a hope that at some point in the near future that the United States will manage to pull out from under the deficit that it has created and restore itself to having a surplus budget. It will take time, effort and a great deal of belt tightening to get there. Nevertheless, it will happen at some point. Frivolous spending can only last so long before coming to a halt, at which point we can start to increase our surplus to the benefit of our national and local public services, before finally seeing the lowering of taxes that we s disparately need. Word Count 652

    Online National budget
    How to join an investors club


    Joining an investment club could prove to be an exciting and enlightening experience especially for those who just starting their career in investment. Getting into the market early is crucial to your financial success and this also the reason why joining an investment club can be beneficial. There are two prevailing types of investment clubs that exist at present—those investment clubs that are purely educational in orientation and focus more on teaching investment principles and make use of simulations rather than real money. The second type of investment club is an organization wherein club members invest pooled cash into the market. This type of an investment club usually forms a legal partnership. Whichever type of investment club you may choose you can be assured of gaining some very useful knowledge on investment. Starting an investment club Whether or not you have decided to join an investment club your decision would still depends on your objectives as well as your investing personality. To know if you are eligible to join an investment club there are certain requirements you need to be qualified first and these are as follows: • You are a novice when it comes to investment Investment clubs are ideal for novice investors since it is a fun and educational way of learning the market. The assigned individual tasks to members’ helps in increasing the knowledge on investment. Likewise, the sharing of investment ideas from members also helps in understanding more the investment market • You need a structure to help you keep on track. Constancy is key for successful long-term investment endeavor and club membership is a great way of ensuring that you regularly invest. Club membership can provide you with sufficient experience should you ever decide to invest individually in the market. • You feel that you need to diversify your investments. Investment clubs help their members in spreading their investment among more stocks than they are likely would be able to as an individual investor. Also the investment risks are lessened to a large extent. • You need to have the desire to contribute to the club as well as free time Your contribution may not always be in the form of money although it is required from club members to contribute to a common fund. Your contribution may also be in the form of knowledge on investments gathered through research and shared with the other members. • You are an investment person This means that you believe in what investment clubs can do for you. And also you have confidence that investment club can provide you with the important knowledge that you need in order for you to have a successful investment experience. • You like the social aspect of an investment club Although, most of the monthly agenda of an investment club is given over to investment there is also the opportunity to make friends among your investment club colleagues. If you still believe that investment club is what you need, then you will have to find a group that fits your investment principles. There are many reputable investment clubs which you may choose from or you could choose to start one up yourself. Have a look online for existing clubs or for tips on setting up your own.

    Online How to join an investors club
    A leadership secret appreciating the difficult people


    PERMISSION TO REPUBLISH: This article may be republished in newsletters and on web sites provided attribution is provided to the author, and it appears with the included copyright, resource box and live web site link. Email notice of intent to publish is appreciated but not required: mail to: [email protected] Word count: 1117 For decades, every summer, welcoming his scholarship players, Alabama coaching legend, Paul "Bear" Bryant, asked: "Have you called your folks to thank them? No one ever got to this level of excellence in football without the help of others." Bryant didn't just appreciate the importance of other people in the development of a young athlete; he wanted the athletes to appreciate it too. Such appreciation is also a lesson in leadership. Nobody becomes a successful leader unless others want you to be; you need help; and part of your growth as a leader is to recognize and show appreciation for that help. But you'll give your leadership and ultimately your career a real boost by extending your appreciation not just to the people you like and who are on your side but also to the people you may dislike: the difficult people in your life, those people who for right or wrong reasons cause you grief. One of the most effective ways of dealing with them is to appreciate them. I mean truly appreciate them. When you do, you may find that you are dealing with them in surprisingly productive ways. The word "appreciation" comes from a Latin root meaning "to apprehend the value." In other words, your appreciation of difficult people must be centered on your genuine understanding of the value they offer you and your organization. You are not just understanding their point of view. You are actually appreciating it; and you are using that appreciation as a tool to get more results, more results than if the difficult people had not entered your life. Otherwise, your appreciation, at least as far as leadership is concerned, is a waste of time. Here's a four step process to make appreciation a results-generator. (1) Team up. To get appreciation rolling, know that you must be a team, you and the difficult person, in the development of it. Mind you, you're not trying to get the difficult person to appreciate you. You have little control over the other's appreciation. You do, however, have control over yours. So, focus on cultivating yours. That cultivation happens only in a relationship -- a team relationship with the other person, not necessarily a personal relationship. In a team-relationship, you don't have to like the other person. You simply have to work with them -- actively and wholeheartedly, irrespective of personal feelings. And the goal of your team is to forge out of the difficulties you're having with one another a leadership process that achieves results. (2) Identify. When you're dealing with a difficult person, you're often entangled in strong emotions. The first thing to do is, with the person's help in a face-to-face meeting, get at the precise causes of the difficulties. Try to remove yourself from your emotional entanglements. "Break down" what's happening the way football coaches break down the plays of opposing teams studying game films. This breaking down is a collaborative process, and it should go like this: First, have the person describe the exact moments when you were having trouble with each other. It's important to keep focused simply on the physical facts of those moments. What were the specific actions and words that triggered the emotions? When the person gives h/her side of the story then and only then can you give yours. Only when both of you are clear as to those moments and agree on what took place can you start to talk with each other about your feelings connected to those moments of physical action. For instance, that person may contend you are not listening to what h/she says to you. Have the person describe the exact moment when you were not listening. Where were you? What was being said? Precisely, what gave that person that impression? (3) Agree. You and the person must agree on what is important in regard to the difficulties you are having. A gap between what you think is important and what the other person thinks must be closed. The test in closing it is results. Does the difficulty you are having with the person go right to the heart of the results you need to achieve? The person says you don't listen. Do you agree? Is that person's perception important? Until you can come to agreement as to whether you were or were not listening and the importance of that, you'll continue to have difficulties. Which means you won't be able to go to the next, and most important, step. (4)Transform. Transform the specific into a results process, a process that will get you increases in results. Without such a process, the previous steps are useless. For instance, let's say you both come to an agreement that you need to be more attentive when the person is speaking. Then, you might develop a "listening process." Such a process may involve applying "continuers." This is a process taught in medical schools to help overbearing doctors be more empathetic with their patients. When interacting with patients, the doctors are taught to say, "uh huh" three times when the other person is talking before saying a word. Of course, "continuers" are one of many listening processes you can draw on. And clearly, "not listening" is one of many problems one might have with the people you lead. Whatever process you come upon in whatever difficulty you are having with people, that process must achieve specific increases in results -- more results than if you had not used the process. As for the "not listening" example: You may pick out one actionable item from what was being said that can lead to results increases. I worked with a leader who did this. Several people he led accused him of ignoring them, and consequently those people were bucking his leadership. They all sat down around a conference table and went through this four-step process. They developed a process to actively and systematically listen to one another and come to agreement on what was spoken and what was heard. Then they selected actionable particulars that came out of their communication. They made sure they followed through on implementing those particulars to achieve increases in hard, measured results. Like the poor, the people who cause us difficulties will always be with us. No matter how experienced and successful you are as a leader, difficult people will always be lined up outside your door, wanting into your life. Moreover, there are probably a lot of them inside the door too, trying to cut you down to size, thwart your plans, besmirch your reputation. Instead of clashing with them or avoiding them, try appreciating them. When you use this process, you may find that they're not liabilities but assets. 2006 © The Filson Leadership Group, Inc. All rights reserved.

    Online A leadership secret appreciating the difficult people
    Long live the love poem


    Long live love poems: There's no chance the love poem is dead, the reason? Because the one you write is for the one you cherish the most and it will be a part of you both forever. Writing a poem is all about observing the world within you or around you and leaving all expectations behind. For the cash-strapped, or romantically inclined, writing a sincere, well thought out love poem may be just the ticket to your loved one's heart. Love poems, friendship poems, sad poems, romantic poems, or any poem that you can think of may mean more to someone then any gift ever could. If you are writing challenged, poems-online can show you how to write the perfect poem to get the one you're after. For example, romantic love poems exhibit an intense sense of love felt by a lover but must also poses the elements of a poem: elegant structure, classic rhyme scheme, and beautiful imagery. How? Well poetry's use of ambiguity, symbolism, irony and other stylistic elements of diction often leave a poem open to multiple interpretations. As we've often discussed, poetry can be about anything. You should view poetry in an entirely new and innovative way. For example, Edgar Allan Poe, although probably best known for his macabre stories, also wrote poetry and loved to experiment with the sounds of words. While some may find poetry intimidating or irrelevant, there are people who poetry as Hope. I've been writing poetry since I was about 11 years old and wouldn’t know what to do without it. Are you interested in writing poetry or learning the process involved in crafting a poem? Then start writing instantly, right now, go and give your writing on paper. There are many different techniques and forms you can use when writing a poem, but we won't go into them here because, honestly, they aren't that important. Writing a poem is all about observing the world within you or around you. Try writing out an answer to the question, "What is this poem about. It's true that many of us tend to be jaded when it comes to romantic writing as it seems old fashioned. When I'm writing a poem, I hardly consider its contemporary context. Writing a poem is a voyage of discovery. Besides, a poem can be about anything -- pets, family, friends, things you like to do. Your poem is not an editorial. Your poem is very good and beautiful. Read it out loud, slowly! As is true of most of us, the poet's understanding of an experience is a gradual realization, and the poem is a reflection of that epiphany. So nobody truly knows where the poem is, nor should they. As soon as a poem is finished to your satisfaction, mail a copy to a trusted friend and ask him or her to keep it along with the cancelled envelope. For time, waits for no man.

    Online Long live the love poem
    Corona system for label presses


    Vetaphone has developed a compact corona treating system which consists of a small electrode-unit and a remote controlled generator with a built-in HP-transformer. The size of both generator and electrode-unit has been kept to a minimum, allowing the electrode-unit to be mounted directly in-line on narrow web presses, while the remote controlled generator can be hidden away behind the press. The remote control operating panel can be placed conveniently at the main control panel. The range of the compact system is treatment widths of up to 500mm and an output power of up to 2000 watt, which is sufficient to treat almost any type of substrate. The stations are furnished with durable ceramic tube electrodes for treatment of both electrically conductive substrates (i. e. metallised film) and non-conductive film (PP, PE, etc). For easier cleaning and maintenance the new narrow web stations have been through a re-design process where many improvements have been added. Among these is a pneumatic parallel sliding system that lifts the hood/electrodes away from the backing roll. This not only makes it easier to access the electrodes for cleaning, but it also makes it easier to load the film. The control panel can optionally display the power level as either the actual generator power output in KW, or the energy delivered to the substrate in Watt min/m2. The Corona-Plus generator is fully computerised and an optional interface is available for central computer control.

    Online Corona system for label presses
    Help teach teens math counts every day


    Many parents may admit math was not their favorite subject in high school. Many may also admit that math now plays an important role in their lives and careers-and will be necessary for their own children's futures. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2014, 6.3 million jobs will require science, engineering or technical training-24 percent more than in 2004. These statistics show that today's middle and high school students will need a strong math background to be competitive in the job market. Spending time with teens to make math relevant to them now can help them build strong math competencies to achieve success later. So how can parents engage their teens in math-focused activities that both can enjoy? Here are tips to help parents capture their teens' and preteens' interest and make math matter in many ways, through encouragement, entertainment and empowerment. Make It Real Leading by example is a powerful influencer. Showing how math is used everyday can help teens understand its importance to their every day lives outside of the classroom. Are you cooking dinner tonight? Have your teen measure out the ingredients and ask questions on measurements if a recipe was doubled. Need to pay the bills? Have them do the math to calculate balances and budgets. Ready to purchase your teen's first car? Sit down with him or her to figure out financing, insurance rates, monthly gas expenses and maintenance costs. Turn On The Television Use examples from TV and movies to show how math can be entertaining and exciting. One program that mixes entertainment with education is "We All Use Math Every Day™," which provides free lessons based on the math used to solve crimes in CBS' hit series "NUMB3RS" on Friday nights. More than 28,000 teachers around the nation have signed up for this program for high school students developed by Texas Instruments in partnership with CBS and in association with the National Council for Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM). Order a pizza, tune into the show with your teen, and discuss how math helped solve the crimes to make a Friday TV night that's both fun and educational. If your child's teachers aren't using the classroom activities, encourage them to do so. Visit cbs/ numb3rs for details, as well as more parenting tips from education experts. Take A Trip Many popular tourist attractions also help stimulate young minds. When traveling on a family vacation or simply exploring the sights in your own town, visit math and science exhibits in museums, learning centers, colleges or zoos to show how math relates to teens' interests and hobbies. When on vacation, ask your teen to create the day's agenda, calculate the shortest walking or driving routes to visit the attractions, or figure out currency exchange rates. Test The "Truth" Beyond balancing a checkbook, math teaches analytical and problem-solving skills that are necessary throughout life. Showing teens how to challenge what they are told by analyzing facts and figures in the media and on the Internet will teach them to test statements and think beyond conventional wisdom. Go through the newspaper or online news sites and discuss articles or current issues of interest to your teen. Challenge them to re-create the statistics used to support each side of a debate, or to double-check the charts and graphs for accuracy. Take the Maximum Helping teens plan their math education early on can make an impact on their educational and career opportunities later in life. The requirement for a strong math background is no longer just for engineers and scientists, and parents must plan ahead to ensure that their teens are prepared, no matter what career they choose. Just like English and reading, math coursework builds on concepts learned in earlier grades. Teens need to take a math class every year from middle school through graduation to ensure the most opportunities remain open to them later in life. Know what math courses the schools offer and encourage teens to take classes that challenge them every year, regardless of their school's minimum requirements. By working with teens to show how math is relevant every day, parents can help ensure their children's personal and professional success in the future.

    Online Help teach teens math counts every day
    5 Tips for business travelers in moscow


    With over 10 million residents and a rich and fascinating history, Moscow is the center of Russia's economic, cultural, and educational landscape. As a result of the country's steady economic growth and virtually unlimited potential, an increasing number of multinational corporations have set up shop in Moscow, bringing an unprecedented number of business travelers to the city. Yet the city's size and complexity, combined with the country's unique language and culture, make Moscow hard to navigate for foreigners. Here, then, are some tips to help ease the way for business travelers. 1. Carefully Choose Your Accommodations Where you choose to stay can make the difference between a successful and a disastrous business trip. Your best bet is to select a business class, fully equipped, serviced apartment rental in Moscow. A short term rental will provide you with familiar Western comforts, while giving you access to the equipment you need (like Wi-Fi Internet; a computer printer, scanner, and fax; and free local calling) to stay connected and get the job done. Many come with a fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine, which will help you settle in and concentrate on the business at hand. When selecting Moscow rentals, be sure to look for rentals in the upscale Arbat area of Moscow, within the Garden Ring Road. This is a very safe area, and one that is close to supermarkets, embassies, stores, restaurants, financial institutions, and nightclubs. Furthermore, unless you're fluent in Russian, choose to work with a company that is Western owned and operated. An English-speaking staff will go far in ensuring that your stay in Moscow goes smoothly and is stress-free. 2. Getting through Passport Control When you arrive at Domodedovo International Airport or Sheremetyevo 2 International Airport, it's easy to become overwhelmed by the lines and procedures at passport control and customs. The best serviced apartment rental companies can also arrange for full airport VIP services, Fast Track check in, and business lounge access. 3. Visa Registration Russia has very strict regulations for foreigners visiting Russia. Not only do you have to register upon your arrival in Moscow, but if you visit other cities, you have to register there as well. If you are staying in a short term rental, the Western company that manages the rental should be able to assist you in complying with the myriad visa requirements. 4. Airport and Train Transfers Many business travelers are overwhelmed by the logistics involved in going to and from Moscow's airports and train stations. There are four major airports and nine train stations in the city, as well as the world's most extensive Metro system. Although it's possible to negotiate Moscow's transportation system on your own, it's much less of a hassle to book an airport or train station transfer with the Moscow rentals company you select. 5. Taxi and Transport Services Whether you need to get around Moscow or are going to one of the many popular tourist destinations in Russia, it's important to select a reliable taxi and transport service. Again, it's helpful to be able to rely on Westerners, who can arrange for you to book an hourly taxi. With the right planning, business travel in Moscow can be both productive and enjoyable.

    Online 5 Tips for business travelers in moscow
    Choose the right e commerce solution for your website


    More and more businesses these days are beginning to sell and distribute their products and services via the Internet. It’s a win-win situation – consumers get the best selection at the lowest prices, and retailers get access to markets outside their geographic location. But depending on the type of e-commerce website the business is pursuing, the cost to implement the project could range from a couple hundred to a few thousand dollars. There are some less professional but more cost efficient solutions, as well as some high-end solutions that will have your website rivaling the best e-commerce sites around. In this article I’ll discuss the different options available to website owners as well as the costs associated with those options. E-commerce on the Cheap It’s a common misconception that in order to conduct business over the Internet you have to have an expensive merchant account that will allow your customers to pay you by credit card. This used to be the case, but today there are a number of services available that make e-commerce a very affordable option. These services come in the form of third party credit card processors. A third party credit card processor acts as an intermediary between the customer and your website. Generally, a customer will click on a link to purchase a product and be taken to the third party’s website to process the credit card information in a secure environment. The payment for the purchase is deposited in your account, and the order information is forwarded to you. The only cost to the e-commerce retailer is usually a small fixed fee and / or a small percentage of the sale. This is a good beginner option for any business looking to make the e-commerce leap because the upfront costs are very low. 2CheckOut (2checkout) is a good choice for a third party credit card processor - they only require a $49 setup fee, and then $0.45 per transaction and 5.5% of the sale amount. An even cheaper route would be to use PayPal ( PayPal) to receive payment over the Internet. The only downside with PayPal is that the consumer must have a PayPal account in order to use this payment method. The upside of both these products is the fact that they will provide the shopping cart system and associated codes to that are necessary to integrate into your website. Although using a third party credit card processor can be cheap, it does have its disadvantages. The shopping cart system may not seamlessly integrate with your website because it’s not easily customizable. Also, it looks a little less professional when the purchaser must leave your website in order to enter their credit card information. But, when weighing these disadvantages with the costs associated with building a professional e-commerce website they really don’t seem like a big deal. Really Taking the Plunge Opening a fully functional online store with the ability to process credit cards on-site can be a pretty costly production. Here is a list of elements that all need to be integrated: a shopping cart system, secure web server, payment gateway, and a merchant account. There are some shopping cart systems that are available for free, and many web hosts offer the ability to integrate a shopping cart system into your website. But, if you’d like your system to be fully featured, easy to use, seamlessly integrate with your website, and include advanced functions such as automatically calculating tax and shipping charges, the cost could run several hundred dollars. The most expensive and difficult part of the process is obtaining a merchant account to process credit card numbers. These accounts usually have monthly and transaction fees associated with them. Fortunately, most businesses already have merchant accounts, and these can be used to process credit cards over the Internet as well. But, in order for the shopping cart system to communicate with a merchant account, they need to be interfaced with a payment gateway. Payment gateways usually require a setup fee of a few hundred dollars and a percentage of each transaction. Lastly, all the communication needs to take place over a secure server. This means that your website hosting package will need to be upgraded to include Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. An SSL certificate is billed on either a yearly or monthly basis, and the cost can total in the hundreds of dollars. In addition to the extra costs associated with processing transactions right on your website, there is also a significant difference in the price your webmaster will charge to setup the different solutions. Using a third party to process transactions usually just involves inserting a few lines of code into the website which shouldn’t cost very much. On the other hand, implementing a fully functional e-commerce website can easily add another thousand or two dollars on top of all the other costs. As with any project, it’s probably best to start small before shelling out big bucks for a professional e-commerce solution. And don’t forget, even after you’ve spent thousands of dollars getting your e-commerce website launched, you’re probably going to have to spend thousands more marketing your website in order to recover your investment. E-commerce is not cheap!

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    Why you need to have a membership site


    You need a membership site of your own. You may never have thought of having your own membership site, but it is a strong customer attractant and is in some ways easier than the typical affiliate sites. Building the customer list is a goal of affiliate marketers. Having a membership site is a great way to get that list built up fast. A list is basically what a membership site is made up of - people who are interested and want to come back again to see what is offered. People can join the site for several different reasons. They may want a newsletter you are offering, they may be happy to get several things they want all in one convenient place, or they may just love the font you use. Whatever the reason they join, the members can be charged a small monthly fee to keep getting access to what you have to offer. This will generally include articles, services available to them, some type of customer service for questions ad problems, and a forum to tie it all together. Meeting you monthly income goals becomes much easier when there is a steady stream of paying members each month. That can be in addition to your affiliate sales, or it can be used in place of them. Some affiliate marketers find that they enjoy building their membership site more than trying to keep several different affiliate sales sites going. A membership site is a brand, and can be marketed more easily than several smaller sites. Some membership sites also use their own affiliate marketing programs to attract new members. A commission or a flat fee is given to members who bring in new paying members. That can also be accomplished by simply waiving part of the membership fee for members that recruit. This costs the site owner nothing and brings in new members at a exponential rate. Using a system such as this, getting large membership numbers can be done more quickly and with less expense. Membership sites are also a safe way to protect against sales slumps. A month with low sales will be cushioned by a steady income of monthly membership fees. And if there is a problem with your smaller sites, such as a loss of search engine rankings or a product that bites the dust, the larger site is there to step in and make up for that loss in income. There are also free membership sites that set up the same basic format, but try to attract more members by not charging fees. The income with those sites is in getting the largest list possible to market to in the hopes of sales. A free membership site may not bring in the membership fees, but it will likely attract more members. Whether you want to charge to enter your own web kingdom or not, having a membership site is a strong marketing technique that can help brand your information and your products.

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    Wedding flowers flower power look taken from a book


    Catching the bride's bouquet automatically puts you next in line for the next blushing bride to walk up the aisle according to another of the old wives tales. Belief in yarns of yesterday should leave me standing before a court of law for bigamy. But tradition is tradition and the tossing of the bouquet is part of a wedding that all guests look forward too, especially the single women in line ready for action. These women in attempt take claim of the bridal bouquet intend to jump higher than any 7ft basket ball player. This part of the wedding celebration can prove to be very entertaining for other guests looking on. Flowers are a vital part of any wedding ceremony blooms are believed to symbolize new hope and a prosperous future ahead for the couple. Church aisles - pews covered in flower blossoms will send a sweet fragrance of freshness throughout the air. Also traditional flower arrangements and settings implement beauty at weddings. There are so many pretty natures of the earth to choose from, orchids, lilies and roses are flowers that are commonly used to make pretty teardrop bouquets which once again is a common hand held bridal piece for the bride of today. Depending on the theme of the wedding flower types other than orchids roses lilies may change also colours. If money is tight and restricting you from having the flowers you dream of then why not consider making your own bouquet. Have a little trail run with silk flowers that you may have picked up cheaply at a garage or car boot sale. If you are happy with your first attempt an in your dummy run on making a bouquet then get started on making your dream come true by doing it your way. After you have chose the flowers you would like keep in mind your theme when spicing up the bouquet/church with stunning colours. Always check for the availibility on the flower type of your choice before the final decision to go head as this particular bloom may be out of season. Flowers like orchids, baby's breath, roses and gardenia are available no matter what time of the year. Now that you have made up your mind up be sure to order the flowers for the bridal bouquet on the day of the event if possible, therefore a guarantee of fresher than fresh. You will need about three dozen of your selected flowers depending on the size you have in mind for your hand held posy/bouquet, a sharp scissor, florist tape, and ribbons. Now take a visit down to local library and pick up a good book on flower arranging which will give tips and guidance. Ideas to spruce up your wedding day in way you never dreamed possible will leave you mentally scarred with excitement. Books give detailed pictures on how to make bouquets table centre pieces and much more in simple and easy steps to follow. If you are content with your finished creation stand yourself in front of the mirror, this will give you an insight as to what others will see when you walk up the aisle. Want to know what they see besides a woman full of determination who did it all herself, is a bride as pretty as a picture because she kept with tradition where flower power made her day.

    Online Wedding flowers flower power look taken from a book
    Make your body more flexible and curvy with the help of meridia


    Because of an unorganized life style and unhealthy eating habits many people are loosing control over their weight. Crave for hunger when combined with high calorie food is the path leading to obesity. Obesity has now become the formula for disaster. It leads to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and other serious health problems which can have drastic impacts. Apart from determination something more is required to wrestle this conflict of bulge. Nowadays, the pharmaceutical industry has come into the picture of weight loss. Meridia emerges as an effective weight loss drug in the deserted anti-obesity market. Meridia is also known by the name of reductil. It is the brand name for sibutramine. It is recommended for the people who are seriously obese and not for those who want to loose just a few pounds. Meridia falls in the same class of various other anti-depressants. It works on the chemicals present in the brain. By increasing the levels of serotonin, nor epinephrine, and dopamine in the brain, it decreases the appetite and helps reduce weight. Cautions should be taken while consuming this medicine as meridia has been shown to considerably increase the blood pressure in some patients. Meridia is available in 15mg and 30 mg. It is usually taken once in a day with a full glass of water. One should avoid taking the medicine during late hours in the day as it may cause insomnia. In case you miss a dose, do not double it. It can affect your health. Medical studies have proved that meridia when taken with a low-fat diet and regular exercises, helps reduce weight faster. Losing around four pounds during the first month of taking meridia is a good indication. Before consuming meridia, one should always consult a doctor. Your doctor will be able to judge better whether meridia is suitable for you or not. Some of the common side-effects associated with the intake of meridia are • Dry mouth • Headache • Constipation • Trouble sleeping • High blood pressure • Increased heart rate Meridia is not advisable for people who have heart disease, gallstones, glaucoma, liver disease or kidney disease. Avoid taking any other medicine during the time you are consuming meridia. It may react with other medicines and result in a condition called serotonin syndrome. Such a condition would require immediate medical attention. The symptoms of serotonin syndrome are anxiety, restlessness, unconsciousness, fever, poor coordination, sweating, weakness etc. Consult your doctor before taking any other weight loss product, anti-depressants, cough suppressants or migraine medicines. The field of technology has made it easier for you to purchase meridia sitting in any corner of the world. One can purchase it online without having any personal contact with the seller. Just an online form including your personal details and medical history has to be filled up. The pharmacist will ship the medicine in lesser time. Loosing weight has been made easier and simpler through meridia. Follow your weight loss plan and feel the change in yourself.

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